Learn how to know the electrical energy intake of your home on-line in actual time to save lots of at the invoice (or check out it)


Now that electrical energy is dearer than ever, it’s handy to understand how a lot power our space consumes when, as an example, we telework or cook dinner, so as so that you can make a choice to modify home equipment, to modify hours of use or a minimum of know why we’re paying Due to this fact, inside what is dependent upon us, home intake.

Seeing the intake of our space in actual time in kW is conceivable in two tactics. The primary is essentially the most conventional, with bodily get right of entry to to our meter. The second one comes to the Web. On this sense, we will have to know that the vendors be offering from their internet pages the potential of checking our intake in actual time, in addition to the ability peaks reached just lately, in order that we will carry or decrease it consistent with wishes.

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Earlier than digging in, it’s related to tell apart the buying and selling firms from the vendors. In my case, I reside within the province of Seville, the place the one corporate (as this is a monopoly) that distributes, this is, the person who gives me electrical energy, is Endesa Distribución. Now, we organize the contract with the entrepreneurs, which, not like the former ones, can alternate relying on our tastes, reminiscent of a phone operator.

What’s the site of my distributor

Electric Consumption Real Time

The essential factor is to grasp which is our distributor. Despite the fact that there are 333 in Spain, many of the shoppers are divided between 5 massive vendors. To test which one works for you if it isn’t one of the crucial large ones, it’s best to test it at the electrical energy invoice. We simply must search for the CUPS code, an acronym for Common Provide Level Code. As they begin, we will know which distributor we have now:

  • Nedgia: ES0230
  • Nortegas: ES0229
  • Redexis: ES0238
  • Endesa: ES0031
  • Iberdrola: ES0021
  • Union Fenosa: ES0022

To have an approximation with out consulting, you’ll be able to take a look at the next Elekluz map.


Let’s have a look at which might be the internet sites of the primary vendors in Spain, and whether or not or now not they’ve an software for smartphones:

In them, the username and password that we have got from our marketer is probably not legitimate., despite the fact that each are, as an example, Endesa. The webs of the vendors require a registration procedure, typically easy, however it may possibly take as much as 48 whilst they validate our information. In my case it was once so much sooner than two days. Inside of that duration I gained an e mail confirming my registration and validating my ID.

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What information do I want to check in at the site of each and every distributor?

That is what each and every of the huge vendors asks for on their web sites (so far as we will get right of entry to) in order that the ones people who’re consumers can check in at the other web sites:

  • Endesa Distribution: identify and surname, NIF / Passport / NIE (connect record by means of importing a report), touch e mail, cell and deal with.
  • Iberdrola Distribution: an electrical energy invoice (the place the CUPS seems), cell, e mail.
  • Unión Fenosa Distribution: identify and surname, identity record (NIF / CIF / NIE), e mail.
  • E-Networks EDP Distribution: identity record (NIF / CIF / NIE / Passport / Resident card), CUPS code, e mail and cell phone.
  • Viesgo Distribution: NIF and e mail.

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See electrical energy intake in actual time or energy peaks: that is what we will do from the distribution firms’ web sites

When we are registered, we will see what each and every site gives. In my case, I’ve simplest been in a position to make use of Endesa Distribución, however virtually the entire web sites that I’ve observed with out registering promised equivalent purposes, and with a equivalent visualization of the selection of information that we will know. It’s important to say that we need to have distant controlled meters in our space or development. This will have to now not purpose an excessive amount of hassle, as a result of consistent with Royal Decree 1110/2007, Order ITC 3860/2007 and IET 290/2012, the mechanical meters had to get replaced by means of remote-managed ones earlier than December 31, 2018.

With web sites like those we will discover ways to save so much at the electrical energy invoice, since we will do assessments to locate which electric home equipment devour greater than essential or, if we by no means achieve our shriveled energy, rent a lesser quantity.

While you log in to a site reminiscent of that of Endesa’s distributor, we’re introduced with many choices, from which we will get right of entry to quite a lot of choices relating to our contract.


Endesa’s distributor site as soon as we have now logged in.

The one who maximum me, to measure {the electrical} intake of each and every equipment, laptop or system in the home was once the choice ‘On-line get right of entry to to the meter‘, which permits us to grasp the electrical energy intake in actual time, or because the site says, the’ Present Immediate Energy ‘. On the time of writing this text, as an example, I’ve been in a position to ensure that operating with this laptop, a Microsoft Floor and with simplest the fridge in use (subsequent to the router, which is at all times on), my present on the spot energy is 0.22 kW, or what’s the similar, 220 watts.

Current Electric Consumption


Actual-time intake of a space in Madrid, measured with the UFD site.

Earlier than, whilst cooking with the oven, with a microwave and with a hob hearth, the ability shot up above 100%, and in truth that I’ve had cuts in that sense, Neatly, I simplest have 4 kW shriveled, which in different homes the place I’ve lived was once greater than sufficient, however now not if I don’t have any keep an eye on turning off home equipment quickly.

We will be able to seek the advice of as time and again as we would like, despite the fact that in my enjoy, if we do it time and again in a row, it can result in mistakes. An alternative choice this is presented to us from that very same panel is to ‘Reconnect ICP’, very helpful for when we have now jumped because of extra energy.


Most energy demanded in each and every month, with the utmost price highlighted.

The second one factor that me essentially the most is the phase on ‘Most energy demanded‘, the place you’ll be able to see what’s the most energy that my space has demanded from the community each and every month. As we see within the screenshot, in August I’ve reached 3,252 kW. This serves to come to a decision whether or not to extend the ability shriveled within the contract, which in my case would now not be essential as it didn’t achieve the shriveled restrict. If truth be told, it will even cut back to three.45 kW with some margin.

consumption days

Segment ‘Your intake’, the place you’ll be able to see the intake that we have got had in my space for hours, with a top between 8 and 9 within the morning

In phase ‘Your intake‘, we will see the intake of the billing duration or of the dates we make a choice, one thing that we will additionally typically see in packages reminiscent of that of Endesa’s marketer. Even so, this phase of the internet could be very attention-grabbing, as a result of along with having the ability to see by means of days as a substitute of by means of weeks and by means of months, which permits us to peer how a lot we devour according to hour, it additionally lets in us to obtain the entire information in .CSV layout for procedure them with Excel.

An previous model of this text was once revealed in June 2021.


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