LeBron James spoke about the hug with Michael Jordan and revealed: “I would not be here without his inspiration”

The two NBA legends hugged at halftime of the All Star Game

LeBron James achieved his fifth victory as captain on Sunday in the All Star Game from NBAilluminated this time by Steph Currychosen as MVP with 50 points and 16 triples. The team captained by the figure of the Los Angeles Lakers prevailed by a tight 163-160 against Kevin Durant, who could not play due to injury, at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio, where King James he played 11 seasons and gave the Cavaliers their only championship ring.

At halftime, the league honored the 75 best basketball players of all time, who had been selected last October. The vast majority of them traveled there to be part of the party and receive the affection of the public. As expected, Michael Jordan was among those present and was one of the most applauded, in addition to being the last one to step on stage.

The NBA thus experienced a spectacular reunion between its greatest figures in its history who had a few minutes to greet each other and chat. they were just Jordan and LeBron the protagonists of a hug that went viral, in the middle of the debate about which of the two has been better on the court.

The hug between LeBron James and Michael Jordan (USA TODAY Sports)
The hug between LeBron James and Michael Jordan (USA TODAY Sports)

At the end of the game, the current player of the Lakers He explained why the greeting between the two was so affectionate: “Shaking hands with the man who inspired me all my childhood… I didn’t have much dialogue with him in my 19 years in the league, but I wouldn’t be here without MJ’s inspiration. I always wanted to be like him, since I was little. It’s crazy that tonight’s winning shot was a Fadeaway, inspired by MJ. The way he wore his sneakers, his uniform, even some of the cars he drove were a huge inspiration to me. I didn’t want to waste that opportunity because we’re not in the same place very often. And it hasn’t happened often in my career either and it meant a lot to me.”

Was the 18º All-Star of the forward’s career but the first in Cleveland, just 60 kilometers from his native Akron. “I couldn’t have dreamed of making the All-Star Game-winning basket near where I grew up and watched it with my friends,” said the former Cavaliers champion, who finished with 24 points and has been the winner of all the editions of the Game of stars since the NBA eliminated in 2018 the format in which it divided the teams by conferences.

The public of Cleveland He had the privilege of seeing dozens of stars, some of whom are still active, gathered on a stage set up in the center of the stadium. The most applauded were the deceased Kobe Bryant, the great idol of the city and current figure of the league, LeBron Jamesand the best of all time, Michael Jordan. There were also standing ovations for Larry Birdwho was not present, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Dennis Rodmanthe only one who broke with the looks and wore a cap, a diver and sunglasses.


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