LEGO joins concerns about Activision Blizzard and halts the sale of an Overwatch 2 set


The toy company claims to be examining its current relationship with the video game industry giant.

If Bobby Kotick expected with the new year a change in the position of the rest of the companies towards the scandals reported in the press from Activision Blizzard I couldn’t have been more wrong. Thus, today we have known that LEGO has decided to put one of its next projects with the video game firm on pause, expressing its concern about the way to address the complaints seen so far by the editor.

In statements collected by Brick Fanatics, LEGO claims to be reviewing its collaboration with Activision Blizzard given concerns about the company’s progress to address the continuing allegations about workplace culture, “especially regarding the treatment of women and men. creating a diverse and inclusive environment. ” “In the meantime, we have decided to put on hiatus the launch of LEGO Overwatch 2, originally scheduled for February 1 “.

Overwatch 2

Thus, LEGO se suma a PlayStation, Xbox o Nintendo, among other companies, that have shown concern about how to handle these complaints in Activision. The last to give details about this relationship was Phil Spencer, who yesterday assured in an interview that he had changed the way he did certain things with the publisher.

However, for now at Activision Blizzard they are committed to maintaining the current directive ensuring that they are working on internal changes to respond to all these complaints and guarantee a healthy workplace in which all company employees feel valued, safe and respected. While waiting for new news, you can consult a special in 3D Games on the figure of Bobby Kotick and the Activision Blizzard scandals seen in 2021.

As for Overwatch 2, the game is expected to be ready by the middle of this year, although in the fall it lost one of its main key pieces.

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