Lesli Linka Glatter Has Been Chosen To Lead The DGA Again


Lesli Linka Glatter Has Been Chosen To Lead The DGA Again:

By acclamation, the members at the Directors Guild of America’s Biennial National Convention within Los Angeles re-elected Lesli Linka Glatter as president.

“I am so happy to say that we are stronger and more united than ever,” she said. “Together, we will keep fighting with SAG-AFTRA as well as the WGA for an industry where everyone’s work is valued and praised equally.”

Lesli Linka Glatter Stated That She Was More Committed Than Ever To Our Guild Mission At he Critical Time For Our Industry: 

She said, “At this important time for our industry, I am happier than ever before to our Guild’s mission of protecting the artistic as well as financial freedoms of our members while working together on issues that affect us all.”

“As we start the next part of our Guild’s story, I’m thrilled to work with such a bright, creative, and diverse Board. They all give their time for free to help their fellow members and build an industry where everyone performs well.

She Also Served On Guild’s National Board For 20 Years:

Our power as a group comes from how well we work together.” She has been on the guild’s national board for 20 years. For the first two years, she was president. Before that, she was the fifth vice president.

She has been on three negotiating committees in the past, as well as president, she worked alongside the 2023 negotiating committee to get what the guild has called a “historic” new contract, with “significant gains upon wages, global streaming residuals, security, diversity, as well as television creative rights, building for the future as well as affecting every category of member in our Guild.”

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Thomas Schlamme Stated That Lesli Has Marked Her Self As A Defender For Our Members Within Every Area:

Thomas Schlamme, who used to be the president of the DGA, put her up for the award. He said, “Over the last two very busy years, Lesli has marked herself as a defender for our members in every area, including in our very difficult contract negotiations, and we are all happier for it.

She ruled with a lot of knowledge, a lot of courage, and a lot of kindness. We are so lucky that, to be a leader, she knows what our members need and works hard to meet those needs. She will serve another term.”

Paris Barclay WAs RE-Elected For The Secretary Treasurer:

In other elections, Laura Belsey was selected as National Vice President, as well as Paris Barclay was re-elected as Secretary Treasurer.

Initial Vice President Todd Holland as well as Second Vice President Ron Howard were also chosen. Gina M. Prince-Bythewood was chosen as the third Vice President.

Seith Mann was the fourth Vice President. Millicent Shelton is the fifth Vice President. Lily Olszewski is the sixth Vice President, and Joyce Thomas is the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.

Lesli Linka Glatte HAs Benn Nominated For Emmy 8 Times:

Glatter’s excellent directing job came about by accident. She has been nominated for eight Emmys and eight DGAs, and she has won two of them.

At age 25, she was in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo, where she met Yutaka Tsuji, a Japanese man who turned out to have been a former Buddhist monk as well as war reporter. Glatter became interested in making movies because of Tsuji’s interesting battle stories.

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As Glatter starts her second term to be president, she will have to deal with the changed nature of the business and the worries of the directors while the labor disputes continue.

The DGA is very important because it speaks up for its members as well as protects their artistic and economic rights. The Guild will get through these tough times with the help of Glatter’s guidance as well as the unity of the board.

Lesli Linka Glatter Wants To Build A Industry Where Everyone Is Valued And Celebrated For Their Contributions:

In conclusion, Lesli Linka Glatter’s re-election as president of the Directors Guild of America shows how committed she is to the business and the Guild’s purpose.

Glatter is going to keep advocating for the rights of directors while creating an industry where everyone receives recognition and respect for what they do. She will do this by using her knowledge and ability to lead.