Letterkenny Season 13 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Letterkenny Season 13 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Viewers all over the world have always loved sitcoms. The idea behind the show was such that if one season is good and builds a fan base, the next season is sure to be quite effective as well.

Letterkenny is a popular Canadian series that has been winning fans’ hearts since February 2016. On December 26, 2023, Season 12 will officially start with six episodes.

As expected, Season 12 has received so much attention before it even comes out that people are already bidding on Letterkenny Season 13. The show’s author, Jared Keeso, is the one who spreads the word about it the most, and the cast, K.

Trevor Wilson, Michelle Mylett, and Nathan Dales. New Metric Media produces the show. At the moment, IMDB gives the show 8.7 on a scale of 10, which makes it the most famous show on Hulu.

The show is based on a YouTube show with the same name, and it’s a big hit on Hulu. However, as of now, there is no news about the release date of Letterkenny Season 13.

Letterkenny Season 13 Release Date:

There has been no official word yet on Season 12. They wrote on Instagram that shooting for Season 12 of the Hulu and Crave comedy has already started and will start in the fall of 2022. Since the show has already started, work on Season 12 has started.

The network has not yet announced the show’s launch date. Based on what we know so far, Seasons 8 through 11 all aired in Canada on Christmas Day. This means that Season 12 will probably open on December 25, 2023. We will update this page as more information about Letterkenny Season 12 becomes available.

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Letterkenny Season 13 Cast:

Cast Character
Jared Keeso Wayne
Nathan Dales Daryl
Michelle Mylett Katy
K. Trevor Wilson Dan
Dylan Playfair Reilly
Tyler Johnston Stewart
Evan Stern Roald
Lisa Codrington Gail

Letterkenny Season 13 Storyline:

The cute town of Letterkenny in rural Ontario was named after an Irish town with the same name. Brave people who survived the Great Famine during the 1840s started this cute town. It is now home to a unique mix of Irish relatives.

Wayne and Katy, two brothers, are at the center of the show. They work hard to keep up their family farm as well as their vegetable stand.

The group handles the positive and negative aspects of small-town life in the funniest and warmest ways possible with the help of Wayne’s loyal friends, who are affectionately known as Daryl and Squirrel Dan. Letterkenny is a colorful, small town full of interesting people from all walks of life.

This town is home to a diverse range of people, including busy farmers who are often joked about as “hicks,” out-of-towners who play ice hockey, and even a minister who appears to be hiding his sexuality.

People who are addicted to drugs and native people from the nearby First Nation reservation add another layer to the situation.

There are also people who like going to the gym, Mennonites, and Québécois. At first, Wayne’s ongoing need to keep up his tough-guy image in Letterkenny was the main focus of the show.

There were also major plots about the failing ice hockey team, the skids’ constant plans to scam the people of Letterkenny and the locals, and Wayne’s love life after breaking up with his high school lover for cheating on him.

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Letterkenny Season 13 Trailer Release:

There is still no video for the next season of Letterkenny out there. It’s likely that the trailer will come out soon, either later this year or maybe in early 2024, giving us a sneak peek at what the next installment has in store.

Where To Watch Letterkenny Season 13:

On CrateTV, all Letterkenny fans in Canada can watch all six seasons and all of their episodes. The main station for this show is CrateTV.

And people in the US can watch all of the seasons on Hulu. Aside from that, you can rent or buy this famous comedy series on Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, and Netflix, among other places.

How Many Episodes Will Season 13 Of Letterkenny Have?

Episode Episode name Air date
1 Live at MoDean’s December 26, 2023
2 Sun Darts December 26, 2023
3 I’m a Degen December 26, 2023
4 Snooters December 26, 2023
5 Stuck December 26, 2023
6 Over and Out December 26, 2023

What Did Happen At The End Of Season 12 Of Letterkenny?

On December 26, 2023, all 12 episodes of Letterkenny will be available. So, we don’t know what is going to occur at the end of the 12th season. There will be a lot going on in the small town in the final episode of the 12th season.

There will be a crazy comedy night at Modean’s, a country music star who is on top of the charts, and the Degens’ annoying habits in this episode. In this episode, there will also be the opening of a cool new bar and a much-anticipated repeat show at the Ag Hall.

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People who want to know more about Letterkenny Season 12 will have to watch the sneak video and see if what we think is true.

What Is The Rating For Letterkenny Season 12:

There were 25,747 votes on IMDB, and the show got an 8.7 out of 10 rating. Based on its rank on IMDB, Letterkenny is a well-known classic that you can now watch on Hulu. Letterkenny also has a score of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes, which shows how popular the show is.

Besides that, the Letterkenny reports are also good. Since its debut in 2016, viewers have praised the show for its delightful watching experience, thanks to its intelligent characters, refreshing uniqueness, and clever humor.

They additionally stated that one of the best things about this show is how the actors in Letterkenny use humor and wit on the spot. They build on each other’s ideas with a flood of puns and inside jokes that give each scene an extra spark.


“Letterkenny” fans can be happy because Season 12 of the popular Canadian comedy show is almost here. It will bring more small-town humor, smart puns, and the return of strange characters.

The official release date hasn’t been set yet, but work has already begun, and it’s expected to start near December 25, 2023, as with previous seasons. Stay tuned for more updates on the funny things that the people of Letterkenny are up to.