List Of The 12 Finest Taboo Relationship Films To Watch


List Of The 12 Finest Taboo Relationship Films To Watch:

What does the word “taboo” mean? Society won’t push for it to occur because some cultural ideas that support modern society are too high-minded to be questioned.

And if behavior that isn’t allowed turns into the standard, the basic social order that holds everything together starts to fall apart. Now, the amount of social norm violation only tells you why you shouldn’t talk about a certain taboo topic in any way.

It is important not to have sexual relations with family members because it will lead to children who are not mentally or physically fit. And society is in great danger if this happens all the time.

It’s true that people have been interested in taboo topics since the beginning of time. Why does something that is so strictly forbidden draw attention to itself? Because it is strictly banned and cannot be talked about.

At this point, we ought to all agree that everyone has some level of perversion. There are people who are afraid to look at their darker sides, and there are people who are ready to do so.

There are some movies that are considered taboo in the movie business. Some of the things that these movies might talk about are sexuality, violence, religion, politics, as well as culture taboos.

They can make people angry and start conversations. What Taboo films should you watch at the moment that will definitely blow your mind and what you think you know?

365 Days:

365 Days is a controversial Polish movie directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes. It looks at a taboo relationship through the lens of Stockholm Syndrome.

The story is about a young woman named Laura Biel who is taken hostage by a mafia boss named Massimo as well as given one year to fall within love with him. Michele Morrone plays Massimo Torricelli, as well as Anna Maria Sieklucka plays Laura Biel.

Some people didn’t like how romantic the movie seemed because it made a bad relationship seem more romantic, which brought up ethical questions about consent and influence.

“365 Days” explores the dark depths of desire, power, as well as passion, making viewers wonder where the lines are between love and force.

Black Island:

A German horror movie called Black Island, which is also called “Schwarze Insel,” stars Mercedes Müller, Alice Dwyer, as well as Hanns Zischler. Miguel Alexandre as well as Lisa Carline Hofer wrote it, and Alexandre directed it.

The story takes place on the called island and is about a student as well as his teacher who are deeply in love but are not allowed to be together. Jonas, a teenager who lives upon the island alongside his family, wants to become a writer.

Helena Jung is put in charge of teaching Jonas and his friends after their German teacher is said to have been in an accident.

Jonah quickly becomes interested in Helena, and their friendship quickly turns into something intense. Jonah doesn’t know that his new teacher is hiding a dark truth from him and wants to kill him as well as his family.

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Close My Eyes:

“Close My Eyes” is a British drama movie directed by Stephen Poliakoff. In a family setting, the movie looks at complicated relationships and taboo topics. The story is about Richard and Natalie, two brothers who have been split up for years and are played through Clive Owen as well as Saskia Reeves.

When they meet again as adults, they start dating, which causes problems and stress in their family as well as in society as a whole. “Close My Eyes” is about love that isn’t allowed, mental problems, and what happens when you don’t give in to your wants.


The 2020 Netflix movie is not the first occasion that Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 book “Rebecca” has been turned into a movie. Alfred Hitchcock’s 1940 version, which won an Oscar for Best Picture, might be the most well-known.

In the web movie from 2020, the unnamed British lead in her 20s meets the handsome widower Maxim “Max” de Winter while she is exploring the world alongside an older American celebrity.

They fall in love, get married, and the main character goes with her husband to Manderley, his huge farm in Cornwall.

But her dream of being like Cinderella quickly fades when she realizes she has to live with the ghost of her husband’s dead initial spouse, Rebecca. The taboo part of the tale comes from the fact that Rebecca was seeing her cousin Jack Favell.

In The Tall Grass:

The movie In the Tall Grass, which was written and directed through Vincenzo Natali, was based on Joe Hill’s book of the same name. Cal DeMuth as well as his sister Becky are on their way to San Diego when the movie starts. Laysla De Oliveira as well as Harrison Gilbertson play the lead roles.

As the kids walk there, they can hear a boy begging for help from a big area of tall grass. But when Cal and Becky get out of their cars to help the kid right away, even though they can’t see him, they get lost in the complicated veggie maze.

In the Tall Grass is based on the same-named books by Stephen King as well as Joe Hill. It’s about Becky and Cal DeMuth’s trip to San Diego. Becky has known for a while that she is going to have a baby.

About half way through their hike, they hear a little boy crying out for help from the tall grass next to the road. The kids want to go exploring, so they get out of the car and walk across the grass, but they quickly lose track of each other.

Travis shows up to look for the siblings who are stuck in a scary time loop. He is the father of Becky’s future child. There is a forbidden element in the movie that comes from the idea that Cal is angry at Travis and loves Becky too much.

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Before The Rains:

The drama movie “Before the Rains” was directed by Santosh Sivan. The movie takes place in colonial India within the 1930s and looks at what happens when love is banned and when different cultures clash.

Henry Moores, an Englishman, is making a road within a small town at the center of the story. He has an affair with a married Indian woman, which causes trouble and threatens to upset the delicate balance between the British colonists and the people who live there.

Lust Stories:

This is an anthology film with four short films made by four strong Indian directors. Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee, as well as Karan Johar are the four directors who worked together on another movie in the same style in 2014. It was called “Bombay Talkies.”

There is a sexual theme running through all of the stories. From the first story, we learn about a teacher who falls in love with one of her students. However, she is only in the story because she wants to have sex and her boyfriend was far away.

In another story, which is skillfully filmed in a small Mumbai apartment, a maid has a strong sexual relationship alongside the young man she works for. But things get interesting when his parents meet his fiancée’s parents in the same apartment.

The third story revolves around three middle-aged people. Two of them are married, and the third one is a male friend from a long time ago. The husband finds out, though, that his friend as well as his wife are making trouble in bed when he’s not there.

Even though they are rich, none of the characters seem satisfied with their lives. This is likely a reflection of how soulless people are in this world and how they constantly separate us from our surroundings.

The fourth movie serves as a comedy, and it might be the best of the bunch. The story is about a girl who just got married and moved in with her new Indian family. Even though her husband is exceptionally nice, she is still not physically happy, so she finds other ways to have fun.

This short film takes a risk when it talks about how women show their wants by including a funny scene where a woman shows off her sexual pleasure in public.

The Mistress:

“The Mistress,” a love comedy movie with John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Hilda Koronel, as well as Ronaldo Valdez in leading roles, was written by Vanessa Valdez and Olivia Lamasan.

Rico is the movie’s main character. He is a married middle-aged man who has been taking care of young Sari for a while now. Like his marriage, his relationship alongside his son JD has been tense for a while, but he has never tried to help them work through their problems.

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Rico’s reckless actions comes back to bite him when JD decides to date Sari even though he knows that she is seeing her father.

Beyond Paradise:

A movie called “Beyond Paradise” is a love thriller by J.J. Alani. The movie is about a young man from the Middle East who wants to work in the arts but can’t because of planned marriages and cultural norms.

Shahrzad sees a free-spirited Hawaiian woman, as well as the two of them become very close. “Beyond Paradise” is about love, loss, finding out who you are, and following your dreams.

Hawaii’s amazing natural beauty is shown in this movie, along with the thrill of adventure as well as the beauty of love.

The Four Of Us:

Florian Gottschick’s brave German movie “The Four of Us” shows how complicated a friendship that isn’t supposed to exist can be. The story is about two couples who get involved in an unusual project. Jonas Nay, Nilam Farooq, as well as Paula Kalenberg play the lead roles.

Janina, who wants to be a writer, and her actor husband Ben, who is having a hard time, agree to a partner switch without getting too close. So do Janina’s best friend Maria as well as her boyfriend Nils. The goal was to find out what they really want in a relationship.

As they get together at a vacation home upon the North Sea beach, secrets start to come out. All four of the people break the no-sex rule, which leads to love ties, babies, and changes in their mental states that they did not expect.

The movie does a great job of showing how complicated love and personal change can be in a situation that seems illegal. Most of the story takes place in and around the house as well as on the beach.


David and Sara are two strangers who wake up one morning to find that they have been stitched together. The mystery action film “Two,” which was directed through Mar Targarona, is about them.

Sara is sure that her controlling and distrustful husband is to blame for what’s going on, even though David doesn’t understand how he got to be this way. The surprise friend finds out that they are being watched all the time as they try to figure out why the kidnappers put them together.

Tehran Taboo:

The cartoon movie “Tehran Taboo” tells the stories of three women as well as a young singer whose lives are linked. The movie deals with sensitive issues like sexual harassment, prostitution, and corruption.

The movie looks at issues like unfair treatment of women, sexual abuse, and lying in modern-day Iran. “Tehran Taboo” got great reviews for its unique cartoon style and its brave, honest portrayal of taboo topics. It gives an interesting and thought-provoking look at the problems people face when they live in a society that limits their freedom.