List Of The 15 Finest Malayalam Movies You Can Watch Online Right Now


List Of The 15 Finest Malayalam Movies You Can Watch Online Right Now:

With the changes that are happening in this region’s film business right now, the online streaming service has made films that are risky, unique, and not really aimed at a mainstream audience available to everyone.

Some of the movies upon this list, like “Eeda,” have shocking themes and unique ways of making movies. People really like movies like “Chaayam Poosiya Veedu,” which probably wouldn’t do well in theaters because it shows characters in strong ways. But a lot of people really like it online.

Malayalam movies have had a rough year in 2023, with some great ones and some that didn’t do well at the box office.

There were a lot of creative and thought-provoking movies made, but not all of them could bring people to the theaters. There aren’t many movies that have made a lot of money at the box office, yet the one that did was a real hit.

Romancham, a horror-comedy, was an unexpected hit this year, and Tovino Thomas’s 2018 survival drama became the highest-grossing Malayalam film of all time.

Some films made in Malayalam this year have taken us upon amazing trips that pushed the limits of what art can do. There is no order to these 7 great Malayalam movies from 2023; they have all been praised by reviewers and audiences alike and should be on your list of movies to watch.


“One,” also written as “1,” is a political drama movie directed by Santhosh Viswanath. It stars Mammootty, Murali Gopy, Joju George, as well as Siddique. The movie is about a strong chief minister of Kerala who is known for being stubbornly against corruption and has won the respect of the people.

But a lot of leaders additionally hate him for making snap choices and want him to step down badly. But when a social media post starts a power struggle, the people’s chief minister has to fight for his name as well as the greater good, which tests his strong morals. This is where you are able to view the show.


Thanks to director Saheed Arafath, the movie has another great story that you shouldn’t miss. Arafath, who is known for his roles in Maheshinte Prathikaaram as well as Kumbalangi Nights, does a great job and really makes the murder story interesting.

The movie is set in Thrissur, India, which is known as the “Gold Capital of the World.” It shows the culture, risks, and joys of the gold trade. When a huge shipment of gold goes missing, a strange chain of events happens, ending with a shocking death.

The movie stars Vineeth Sreenivasan, Biju Menon, as well as Girish Kulkarni and is a gripping police procedural based on real events.

Maniyarayile Ashokan:

“Maniyarayile Ashokan,” which was directed by Shamsu Zayba and produced through Dulquer Salmaan, was a feel-good movie that’s meant to give men hope that they will stumble upon their dream woman someday, flaws and all. And boy, will she be perfect!

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The story of “Maniyarayile Ashokan” is about Ashokan, a middle-aged guy who doesn’t look such as he stepped off of a movie ad. He has major FOMO because all of his friends are getting married and starting happy lives together.

Ashokan is simply seeking to find a nice girl to wed and begin a family, but he hasn’t been successful yet. To get his “planetary alignments” back in order, Ashokan does things that aren’t required.

While the story isn’t very interesting, the acting and photography are both very good. Watch it for a two-hour break from the hard facts of this world.

B 32 Muthal 44 Vare:

You can get your point across loud and clear in a movie, or you can let the story do the talking. The movie’s first director, Shruthi Sharanyam, picks a more subtle way to get her point across without changing the movie’s main point of view.

The stories of six well-developed characters within Shruthi Sharanyam’s film show how women struggle with body image issues and how homosexuality is shown in a sensitive, understanding way.


“Forensic” is a crime story about an investigating cop and a medico-legal adviser who work together to catch a serial killer who stalks kids.

The movie doesn’t go into too much detail about the killer’s past because, as the main character says at one point, sometimes the thrill of the crime was all that drives a monster.

This movie also doesn’t have any kind of love subplot, and that’s great because, really, no one would want a romantic plot when there’s a child murderer on the run.

There are some strong performances from the major cast in “Forensic,” which is a good crime story.


It has a great rating on IMDb 7.7 and is about the relationship between two brothers, a traumatic event in their childhood, and family competition. Joju George once again shows how good an actor he is by bringing every part to life.

This exciting story doesn’t try to control how you feel about the characters, making it a nice change from what’s currently popular in movies.

Instead, it’s one of those movies that pulls you into every character, stops you in your tracks, and makes you feel a lot. Without a question, Iratta is one of the best Malayalam movies of 2023 that breaks the rules.

Varane Avashyamund:

“Varane Avashyamund,” Anoop Sathyan’s first movie as a director, was a feel-good family movie which was meant to be the perfect movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon to unwind.

If only the story had been better and the personalities had more meaning, it would have been great. Sadly, though, the movie stays strange and the characters aren’t very interesting. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie, though.

The story takes place in an apartment building in Chennai and is about how new neighbors get along with each other. It’s a sweet slice-of-life story. In general, it’s a sweet and moving movie that is going to make you smile.

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Ntikkakkakkoru Premandaarnnu:

In this touching movie, Sharafudheen and Bhavana meet again after being childhood sweethearts. Its simple plot gets more interesting through the characters’ asides, and the soothing music and low-key drama create a feel-good atmosphere.


“Kappela,” Muhammed Musthafa’s first movie as a director, is a beautiful movie that plays with the “deceptive appearances” trope. Jessie was a young girl who lives in a small town in Kerala and hopes to one day leave.

One day she calls the wrong number, and the person upon the other end calls her back all the time. This is Vishnu. He lives in a big city and seems like a really nice guy.

He just needs to be from town, away from her village, to make Jessie fall in love with him. It’s a plus that he looks good and has a lot of charm.

Jessie leaves to live alongside Vishnu. The story goes from being a “sweet, romantic slice of life” to a “dishonest betrayal” at that point.

At its core, the movie’s message is based in patriarchy: girls can only live a safe life if they follow the rules their parents set out for them. Even though the ending is disappointing, “Kappela” is still a great movie with great acting, photography, and writing.


A scary movie that’s also a comedy? Romancham is a clever movie that combines these two types of movies into one tasty treat. The movie is constantly and truly funny; there are no silly or over-the-top jokes or actions.

The fact that its comedy is based on real events makes it even more interesting. The movie by Jithu Madhavan is about seven single men who play a wild game of Ouija.

When they accidentally call up a naughty spirit and decide to go with the magical chaos, things take a hilariously unexpected turn.

Night Drive:

Things keep going one after the other. Even though this isn’t a saying, it might be the oldest one there is, and it shines bright in Vysakh’s movie “Night Drive.” You are served a meal of fate topped with corruption that shows how a beautiful long drive may result into the worst possible situation.

Georgy and Riya are the main characters. They’ve been friends since childhood and are now in love. Hopes, dreams, mistakes, politics, and murder All of these are put together by writer Abhilash Pillai to make a great story. Thank God for fantasy.


When people discuss the greatest Malayalam movies, Mammootty’s movie has to be on the list. in a world where the system breaks down, a good cop is pushed to the edge of what the law allows.

The movie’s plot skillfully builds a story that spans both the present and the past, showing why the main character does what they do.

The story sounds interesting, but the movie isn’t very good. Even though the movie has some problems, Mammoothy’s charm and style make it fun to watch and keep you interested.

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Attacks with acid are becoming more common against women in South Asia. These attacks usually have very bad results for the person who is attacked.

Pallavi, a woman who wants to be a flight attendant, is the main character of this movie. Her plans are ruined, though, when her ex-boyfriend throws acid at her as well as forever changes the shape of her face. Pallavi additionally lost a few of her sight because of the attack.

Vishal shows interest in Pallavi and wants to hire her to be a flight attendant, even though she has trouble seeing. His father tells him not to because it could put the safety of the people at risk.

And Vishal talks about how Pallavi was treated unfairly in a press meeting. At first, she doesn’t like it when her story is told to everyone. Finally, though, her father gets her to decide to try her job again. “Uyare,” a moving story, is a very important movie for South Asia.

The story of the movie is based on tired tropes, but the way everything comes together is truly impressive and earns our praise. This is where you can watch “Uyare.”

Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum:

My favorite Malayalam movie of 2023, Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum, with Fahadh Faasil, is now on the list of the best movies of that year. This character, who wears chameleon skin, makes us laugh so hard.

The story is about a young man in Mumbai who runs an Ayurveda store and agrees to take his landlord’s mother from Kerala to Mumbai with him.

He has no idea that a strange request will set him on a journey of self-discovery and excitement. The movie is a sweet hit that makes people smile and encourages them to care.


“Vikrithi” means trouble. Someone does something bad that they think won’t hurt anyone, but it ends up ruining someone else’s whole life. This is the main idea behind Emcee Thomas’s song “Vikrithi,” which is based upon a true story.

The story is about Sameer, a man who likes to post too much on social media about everything. One day, he posts a picture of a drunk person passed out on the Kochi metro as a joke, and it goes viral.

However, the person sleeping upon the metro is not drunk at all. It is a man named Eldho, who is deaf and dumb, who is coming home very tired after caring for his sick daughter within the hospital for two nights straight without sleep.

Anyway, Sameer’s careless post starts things off, and things happen that cause Eldho a lot of pain and grief. One of the most enjoyable Malayalam movies in the last few years, this comedy-drama has a few scenes within the second half that don’t make sense.