Little Boy Blue Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And More


It looks like you’re really into Little Boy Blue, which isn’t surprising given how great the actors are and how good the last few episodes are. You should be wondering if there will be a second season or if, as much as it hurts us to say it, the show is over. Many people like the 2017 crime and drama show Little Boy Blue, especially those who like crime and drama. This four-part drama is about how 11-year-old Rhys Jones was killed in Croxteth, Liverpool, in 2007. It goes into detail about Melanie and Steve’s ordeal and shows how Rhys’s killer and his accomplices were eventually caught.

The last season was definitely controversial, and there was a lot of talk about it on social media sites like Facebook and Reddit. Season 2 will focus on the issues that made the show so popular in the first place.

Little Boy Blue Season 2 Cast

Stephen Graham was the one who played Detective Superintendent David Kelly in the first season of the show (Bodies). Some of the actors in the cast were Sinead Keenan as Melanie Jones, Brian F. O’Byrne as Steve Jones, Faye McKeever as Claire Olsssen, and Sonny Beya as The Little Boy Rhys Jones.

Michael Moran also played Kevin Moody, Nathan Clark Smith, Jordan Olssen, James Yates, Sean Mercer, Paddy Rowan, and Dean Kelly. Since the show’s future is still up in the air, we don’t know if any other cast members will come back to their roles. The show did well, but the second season might not happen. If we do, you can expect almost everyone to come back to their roles.

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Little Boy Blue Season 1 Recap

The real story of Rhys Jones, an 11-year-old boy who’d been killed, is told in the book Little Boy Blue. In 2007, the body of a young man named Rhys was found in Croxteth, Liverpool. The story is mostly about what Melanie and Steve go through and how hard they try to get justice for their kid. The story also talks about other important social problems that young people face that are relevant to this situation.

The events in Little Boy Blue are based on real life. Rhys Jones, a boy who was eleven years old, was killed. Rhys was shot in the parking lot of the Fir Tree pub while coming back from football practice. This was a bad accident. The man in a cloak who pulled the trigger that day was widely recognized by people in the town and by the people who saw the crime. The main work, though, was gathering evidence to put him in jail.

Detective Superintendent Dave Kelly is in charge of getting Rhys in trouble with the law. So, the series shows how the murders were investigated and how the killers were finally caught. It also shows what happens to Melanie and Steve Jones after the accident, whose lives are turned upside down. The series shows their wedding and how hard they work to get justice for their son. During this difficult time, Melanie and Steve’s relationship is also looked into.

Little Boy Blue Season 2 Plot

Most likely, Season 2 of Little Boy Blue will come out later. No news has been given about the new season. In the first season, Little Boy Blue did not get to tell the story he had intended to tell. There aren’t many reasons to keep it going.

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How many episodes will there be in Little Boy Blue Season 2?

One of the most-watched shows on TV is Little Boy Blue. There has been no official word on how many episodes will be in Season 2 yet. But based on how the first season went, Season 2 of Little Boy Blue is likely to have between 4 and 6 episodes.

Where can I watch Little Boy Blue?

Little Boy Blue can be watched on both Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. If you join these sites for a year, you can watch the series online.

Little Boy Blue Season 2 Release Date

The show hasn’t been picked up again yet. Because of this, no one knows when the series will be out. In 2024, there might be a second season.

Is Little Boy Blue worth Watching?

Rhys Jones’ death shocked the whole city of Liverpool. With that, the terrible truth about the gang fight came out. Little Boy Blue does a great job of showing how sad and pointless Rhys’s death was. You will be happy while watching the show. Melanie and Steve Jones cared a lot about the project. They talked with the actors and wrote the script.

They wanted everyone to witness the experiences they went through, and one can feel that throughout the series. The actors also give great performances. Little Boy Blue is a true story that is sad, scary, and beautifully told.

I think you should see Little Boy Blue. The series shows the murder of Rhys Jones in a way that is both disturbing and true. When you see how well the actors play their parts, you will definitely shed a tear. After their son died, the Jones family experienced an awful time, which the show showed in bits and pieces.