LIVE: PM Modi is addressing, said – the country is moving towards ‘self-reliance’ in the defense sector


new Delhi: Regarding the self-sufficient campaign, PM Narendra Modi said that the import of defense products continued to be considerable. Foreign investment was not allowed in the country for a long time to produce defense products. We increased this work. It is a matter of self-respect of the new India. Also Read – ‘Central government may release second stimulus package if fear of Kovid-19 decreases’

PM Modi said that the central government took many steps in the defense sector. The sector in which employment opportunities could be created for millions of people was limited. Now corporateizing ordinance factories. Also Read – Know who was the ‘Dom Raja’ of Varanasi Jagdish Chaudhary, on whose death PM Modi and Home Minister Shah mourned

PM Modi said that during independence, there was a lot of import. When India became independent, imports were still there, but we have taken a step towards being self-sufficient.


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