Lizzo Was Taken Off The List Of Possible Acts For The Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show


Lizzo Was Taken Off The List Of Possible Acts For The Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show:

Lizzo’s name was taken out of the running for the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show after she was accused of sexual abuse and fat-shaming by former dancers. This has left her team scrambling to “save her sinking ship” of a career.

This month, Crystal Williams, Noelle Rodriguez, as well as Arianna Davis, three of Lizzo’s former dancers, filed a lawsuit against her, accusing her of creating a “hostile work environment.”

Lizzo Pop Appear Who Has Marketed Herself To Be A Body Positive Activist Found Herself In Middle Of Scandal:

Lizzo, a 35-year-old pop appear who has marketed herself to be a body-positive activist, found herself in the middle of a huge scandal.

Now, an NFL source has said that the reaction over the claims has led the league to quickly drop Lizzo from consideration for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Her name had been in the running as one of the top contenders for the 2024 show.

Due To Scandal Lizzo Can Not Take Part Within Halftime Festivities:

“Talks of Lizzo being an element of the Halftime festivities or singing the National Anthem are dead now that she has been caught in the middle of a scandal,” the person said.

The Grammy-winning singer said within a statement earlier this month that she did not create a toxic work environment. This came after a case was made against her for sexual harassment, fat-shaming, among other things.

This Is Getting Harder And Harder As More People Came Forward To Accuse Her:

The friend from the music business said, “It’s getting harder and harder as more and more people come forward to accuse her of very bad things.” Lizzo has made a lot of money, but it looks like her time is almost over and nothing knows if she is going to be able to get back on her feet.

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“If she speaks up, what she says is thrown out.” If she doesn’t speak up, people call her a liar. Either way, it doesn’t look like she can get over this right now, the person says.

3 Former Backup Dancers Of Lizzo Filled The Case:

This week, the lawyers for three of Lizzo’s former backup performers who launched a case over claims of weight-shaming as well as sexual harassment at work said that they now have reports from six other people with similar claims.

Ron Zambrano, a lawyer whose firm focuses on employment law and who is defending backup dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, as well as Noelle Rodriguez, said that his company is now looking into these claims.

What Is The Complaints?

Zambrano said that the six new victims toured with Lizzo, as either backup dancers or as performers in her Amazon Studios show. He said that the complaints centered around an alleged “sexually charged environment” on Lizzo’s tour as well as failure to pay workers.

It happened after dancers Davis, Williams, as well as Rodriguez gave an interview to Good Morning America last week in which they called the 35-year-old pop star “fat-phobic” and talked about bad things that happened while they were on tour with her.

Davis Said That Lizzo Is A Fat-Phobic:

“I know it’s shocking to hear that Lizzo, a plus-size woman who talks a lot about body acceptance, is basically fat-phobic. But I want people to know that people who hurt other people hurt other people, Davis said.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, talked about the time Lizzo reportedly threatened her shortly after she said she was leaving because she felt “unsafe” and “disrespected.”

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“She basically started to ball up her fists as well as crack her knuckles, and then she said, “You’re so effin lucky right now,” as she slowly moved toward me.”

Rodriguez then said that Lizzo’s best friend jumped off the couch and that he had to hold her down physically. Davis also got emotional when she talked about the time Lizzo reportedly forced her to touch a naked artist at a sex show within Amsterdam.

Davis said, “She started a chant shortly after I told her “no” several times.” Lizzo began to sing Ari’s name.

“I quickly touched the performer and then took my hands away. Everyone started laughing because they thought it was funny that I had touched this artist, of all people.

Lizzo Is Going To Be The Headliner, After Her Dancers Accused Her Of Sexual Misconduct:

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record label puts on the yearly Super Bowl shows, as well as the 53-year-old rapper has canceled his planned Made in America event, where Lizzo was going to be the headliner, after her dancers accused her of sexual misconduct.

“There are always threats to our jobs. Davis said, “I have never had stable employment within all of this time.” She as well as Williams were dismissed and Rodriguez quit, which she says was because of how she as well as Williams were treated.

Davis, Williams, And Rodriguez Said That Lizzo Made Workplace Uncomfortable:

Davis, Williams, and Rodriguez said in their claim that the Grammy-winning singer and Big Grrrl Big Touring as well as dance team leader Shirlene Quigley made the workplace “sexually charged and uncomfortable.”

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The three people say that in February 2023, when Lizzo was in Amsterdam for a show, she asked them out for a night that finished in the Red Light District.

In their report, they said that things got out of hand quickly. Lizzo started asking cast members to take turns stroking the naked performers, catching dildos thrown from the performers’ vaginas, as well as eating bananas sticking out of the performers’ vaginas.

The dancers brought in Arianna is said to have been “forced” and “pushed” by Lizzo to touch one of the nude artists’ breasts.

In another case, the claimants say that Lizzo called the dancers to a club within Paris but didn’t say that it was a nude theater bar. This “shocked” the dancers, who stated Lizzo took away their right to not take part, according to the lawsuit.

After The Case Was Filled Lizzo Lost More Than 120,000 Followers On Instagram:

Since the case was filed, Lizzo’s Instagram following has dropped by more than 120,000.

Just hours after the case became public, Lizzo’s former creative director Quinn Whitney Wilson and dancer Courtney Hollinquest said they had also been mistreated.