Location of all Artaria collectibles in Metroid Dread: missiles, power tanks and extra


Like all Metroid, Dread It has many collectibles to assemble to make Samus more potent and more potent: missiles, power tanks and different helpful gadgets for our journey. We will be able to continuously see collectibles that we can now not be capable of get right of entry to till we free up new powers, so stay that during thoughts when getting the ones from Artaria.

Where should I start if I want to play Metroid

The sport options a just right handful of zones, and to check out to make the information as available as imaginable now we have separated this information into other sections in order that precisely what’s in each and every location.

Location of all Artaria collectibles in Metroid Dread: power tanks, missiles and extra

Here’s the positioning of the entire gadgets, with a small visible information in case you must smash a hidden block:



Information image


Missile tank

After breaking the block you spot within the symbol, it is possible for you to to get right of entry to the missile tank

Missile tank 1
Map 1

Missile tank 2

It’s observed with the bare eye, it has no loss

Missile tank 2 metroid dread location
Map 2

Missile tank 3

After defeating a big enemy, you’re going to to find them rather shut to hand

Metroid Dread Tank Missile 3 Collectibles Location Guide
Map 3

Power tank 1

Simply slide into the outlet to get to the tank

Energy tank 1 location guide metroid dread
Energy tank map 1

Missile tank 4

Within the room with the false ceiling, slide.

Missile Tank 4 Metroid Dread Collectible Location
Map 5


With the magnetic grip already obtained, climb to the highest of that room and shoot the hidden blocks.

Missile tank 5
Missile tank 5 map

Energy section 1

With the morphobole, pass to the positioning you spot and simply get the section.

Energy Part 1 Location metroid dread
Map part energy Metroid Dread

Upgraded Missile Tank 1

With the morphobole and the warmth swimsuit, leap into the boiling gua and clutch the upgraded missiles.

Upgraded missile tank 1 location guide metroid dread
Metroid Dread Tank Missiles Upgraded 1

Missile Tank 6

With the tremendous leap, the chilly swimsuit and the morphobola leap to the hiding position that you simply see within the symbol to get.

Missile tank 6
Missile tank map 6

Missile tank 7

With the morphobol already gathered, pass to the positioning at the map and pay money for the tank simply.

Missile tank 7 collectibles artaria metroid dread location
Map location 11

Missile tank 8

Within the lava-filled room, make your strategy to the tip.

Missile tank 8
Map 12

Missile tank 9

With the thermal swimsuit and the tremendous leap completed, pass to the room you spot within the symbol and leap ahead.

Tank missiles 9 Metroid dread collectibles location
Map 13


Damage the hidden block with a missile and use the morphball to pay money for the missile tank.

Missile tank 10
Map 14

Missile tank 11

Use the tremendous leap and the morphoball to leap the massive hollow within the room and succeed in the outlet within the higher proper nook. In morphobole mode, position a bomb.

Missile tank 11
Map 15

Missile tank 12

Use the magnetic hook to boost the platform and get to the missile tank.

Missile tank 12
Map 16

Robust morphobola pumps

Within the room that you simply see within the symbol, you’ll have to use the tremendous leap again and again till you succeed in the highest. Use the morphobol to get the tank.

Powerful Morphobol Bombs 1
Morphobol bomb map 1

Missile tank 13

Destroy the ground with pictures to get right of entry to the small room.

Missile tank 13 metroid dread location guide collectibles
Missile tank 13

Missile tank 14

Cross to the outlet you spot at the display screen (this can be a hidden block) and use the ÜberCharge in morphobol mode to get to the hidden missile tank.

Missile tank 14
Missile tank 14 map

Missile tank 15

Underwater, ruin a missile into the outlet to clutch the missile tank.

Missile tank 15 location guide metroid dread collectibles
Missile tank map metroid dread 15

Missile tank 16

Use a bomb in morphobol mode to get upper, and position every other bomb at the roof to get right of entry to this tank.

Missile tank 16
Missile tank 16 map

Missile tank 17

Destroy the primary wall with pictures, after which ruin the blocks with the tremendous leap.

Missile tank 17 location metroid dread collectibles guide
Map 21

Missile tank 18

With the penetrating shot already completed, pass to the water room and smash the tumor to get right of entry to the missile tank.

Tank missiles 18 location metroid dread collectibles
Map 22

Missile tank 19

Simply leap the entire strategy to the highest with the tremendous leap till you succeed in the tank.

Tank missiles 19 metroid dread collectibles location guide
Missile tank 19 map

Missile tank 20

Use the tremendous leap to wreck the blocks and succeed in the tank.

Metroid Dread Missile Tank Collectibles Location 20
Tank map 20

Power section 2

Within the caves, use the tremendous race to get there.

Power part 2
Map 23


Use the static ÜberCharge to wreck during the hidden wall and succeed in the upgraded missile tank. You’re going to have to make use of the rate at the morph to get right of entry to it.

Upgraded Missiles 2 Metroid Dread Collectibles Guide
Upgraded missile tank 2 map

Missile tank 21

Use a great bomb in morphoball mode to free up the tank.

Tank missile 21 metroid dread collector
Map 25

Missile tank 22

Use the magnetic grip to succeed in the tank.

Missile tank 22 location metroid dread guide
Map 27

Energy tank 2

Use the leap rate to triumph over the platform. Once more, use the rate to wreck the three blocks and get right of entry to the power tank.

Energy tank 2 location collectibles metroid dread
Map 27

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