Location of all Cataris collectibles in Metroid Dread: missiles, power tanks and extra


When you’ve got already handed Artaria, the primary zone of Metroid DreadYou’ll have arrived in Cataris, a brand new location the place there also are a wide variety of collectibles to get: from missile tanks to power tanks. Alternatively, no longer the entirety might be to be had from the primary second, and you’ll have to come again later.

Where should I start if I want to play Metroid

At the side of Artaria, Cataris is the position with extra secrets and techniques of the sport, and it has them somewhat neatly hidden. If you wish to know the place all of them are, right here you’re going to in finding them situated.

Location of all Cataris collectibles in Metroid Dread: power tanks, missiles and extra

Here’s the positioning of all of the items, with a small visible information in case you must smash a hidden block:



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Power tank 1

Decrease the platform by way of leaning at the magnetic wall, and pass up it by way of turning all of the manner.

Energy tank 1 guide cataris metroid dread
Map 1

Missile tank 1

Bounce in morphobol mode and input the distance.

Cataris missile tank metroid dread location
Map 2

Upgraded Missile Tank 1

Input during the hole, dodge the enemies and get the tank.

Cataris Enhanced Missile Tank
Map 3

Missile tank 2

With the penetrating shot and the warmth swimsuit, smash the tumor and use the morphobol to get the tank.

Missile tank 2
Map 4

Missile tank 3

Wreck the tumor with the penetrating shot or the explosive and take the tank.

Missile Tank 3 Cataris Metroid Dread
Map 6

Missile tank 4

Use the tremendous bounce to damage the blocks.

Missile tank 4 metroid dread Cataris location
Map 7

Missile tank 5

Dressed in the warmth swimsuit and tremendous bounce, pass to the top of the room and snatch the tank.

Missile tank 5
Map 8

Missile Tank 6

With the warmth stroke and the tremendous bounce, it breaks the tumors in morphobole mode.

Missile tank 6 Cataris location collectibles metroid dread
Map 8

Morphobol bomb tank 1

With the warmth swimsuit and lava resistance, triumph over the maze and use the magnetic grip to get the tank.

Morphobol Bomb Tank

Energy section 1

With the warmth and lava resistant swimsuit, the tremendous spice up and magnetic grip travels during the lava till it uncovers the outlet within the magnetic coupling. Flip round, smash it and get the ability section by way of the usage of the tremendous spice up to damage the stones on most sensible of the magnetic hook.

Power part 1 cataris metroid dread location
Map 10

Missile Tank 7

Wreck the hidden block in morphobole mode.

missile tank 7
Map 12

Morphobol bomb tank 2

Wreck the name of the game block with a bomb in morphobole mode. Get out, acquire the burden and advance till you get the tank.

MORFOBOLA PUMPS TANK 1 metroid dread location
Map 14

Missile tank 8

Wreck the tumor, input the room and use the tremendous bounce to get the missile tank.

Missile tank 8 cataris metroid dread location
Map 16

Missile tank 9

Wreck the tumor, acquire the burden and smash the final wall below the lava to get the missile tank.

Missile tank 9 Metroid Dread location cataris
Map 18

Missile Tank 10

Hook at the magnetic ceiling, snap the hidden block and pass up. With the magnetic hook, open the get entry to to the room and use the tremendous bounce.

Missile tank 10 cataris metroid dread location
Map 19

Missile tank 11

Get to that room, hook your self at the magnetic ceiling and destroy the hidden blocks with rockets.

Missile tank 11
Map 20


Advance typically till you achieve it.

Power part cataris metroid dread location
Map 21

Missile tank 12

Gather fee and smash the block of where you spot at the map.

Missile tank 12
Map 22


Open the door with the magnetic hook, hook at the platform, smash the stones with bombs in morphobole mode and decrease the platform. Then rocket the ground row and decrease the platform just a little additional.

TANK PUMPS MORFOBOLA 3 location metroid dread
Map 22

Missile tank 13

Wreck open the tumor and input that room. Use the tremendous bounce to get to the highest. You’ll discover a small hollow, position a bomb in morphobole mode and pass ahead till you in finding the tank.

missile tank 13 location cataris metroid dread
Map 23

Missile tank 14

It’s somewhat visual.

Missile tank 14 metroid dread collectibles location
Map 22

Missile Tank 15

Slide to get entry to the recent zone. You’ll have to pass as much as the left to get entry to a room the place there are two enemies that shoot lightning around the flooring. Advance during the room, dispatch the primary enemy and use the morphobol’s bombs to find learn how to the tank.

Missile tank 15
Map 24

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