Location of all Dairon collectibles in Metroid Dread: missiles, power tanks and extra


If in case you have already handed via Artaria and Cataris in Metroid Dread, You’re going to have reached Dairon, a brand new location the place getting the collectibles (missile tanks, power tanks …) can be important to make the journey fairly more straightforward.

Where should I start if I want to play Metroid

As all the time, there’s a excellent handful of items to get. Within the desk beneath you’re going to have the important thing level to get the collectible, a short lived description to get entry to it and its actual location at the map. With this, you should not have an issue having access to they all.

Location of all Dairon collectibles in Metroid Dread: power tanks, missiles and extra

This is the positioning of the entire items, with a small visible information in case it’s important to wreck a hidden block:



Image Information


Power Section 1

Use the morphobole to get to the section.

Part energy metroid dread dairon location
Map 1

Missile tank 1

Use the morphobol bombs to get the collectible simply.

Missile tank 1
Map 2

Missile tank 2

Use the price up at that time to temporarily get to the tank.

Tank missiles 2 metroid dread dairon collectibles location
Map 3

Missile tank 3

It has simple get entry to.

Missile tank 3 dairon location collectibles metroid dread
Map 4

Missile Tank 4

Intention with the magnetic hook as you spot within the symbol and you’re going to simply succeed in the rocket tank.

Missile tank 4
Map 5


Position a bomb in morphobol mode to get entry to the tank.

TANK PUMPS MORFOBOLA 1 Metroid Dread location
Map 6

Missile tank 5

After breaking the entire blocks, use a chained bomb in morphoball mode to achieve the tank.

Tank missiles 5 metroid dread location
Map 6

Missile tank 6

Please use the price within the position you spot within the image. Ruin the ground of the room you simply unlocked, kill the enemies and use the price once more with the wall at the left to get entry to the tank.

Missile tank 6
Map 8

Energy section 2

Retailer the price, and climb to the highest to make use of it and get entry to the power section.

Energy part 2
Map 10

Missile Tank 7

Move throughout the tube in morphobol mode and wreck the roof to get entry to the tank.

Missile tank 7
Map 12

Missile tank 8

Ruin the wall with the shipment and get entry to the missile tank.

Missile tank 8
Map 13

Massive missile tank 1

It is beautiful simple to get, simple and easy use the tremendous soar to wreck via the name of the game wall and get entry to the tank.

Dairon metroid dread upgraded missile tank
Map 14


In case you have became off all 5 lighting, cross to the room at the proper, take away the name of the game blocks with a bomb in morphobole mode and use the magnetic hook to take away the lock.

TANQUE BOMBAS MORFOBOLA 2 metroid dread dairon
Map 15


It’s reasonably visual.

Power part 3 metroid dread dairon collectibles
Map 16

Missile tank 9

Ruin the name of the game block at the flooring, the tumor, cross throughout the door and cross to the precise within the lava room till you succeed in the magnetic hook at the proper. Move throughout the hollow and get the tank.

Missile tank 9
Map 17

Missile tank 10

Simply run throughout the lava to the precise till you free up the tank.

Tanque misiles 10 metroid dread dairon
Map 18


Ruin the false wall, hook your self with the magnetic hook at the ceiling, wreck the blocks with missiles and clutch the tank.

Tanque morfobola 3 metroid dread dairon
Map 20

Energy section 4

Ruin the block you spot within the symbol with a rocket, use a bomb to propel your self in morphobole mode and wreck the block above it with some other bomb and get entry to the hidden block.

Energy part 4
Map 23

Missile tank 11

Position a bomb at the block, input the opening and position some other bomb to achieve the missile tank.

Missile tank 11
Map 22

Power tank 1

Pile up the burden and climb to the highest. Drop down and clutch the tank within the hollow at the left.

Energy tank
Map 23

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