Lok Sabha proceedings adjourned four times amid ruckus, slogans of ‘Anurag Thakur apologize’ in Parliament

New Delhi: For the first time in the Lok Sabha in the Monsoon Session of Parliament, which was going on since last Monday, the proceedings of the House had to be postponed four times due to the noise. Due to the noise of Congress, Trinamool Congress members over the comments made by Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur on Gandhi family and remarks of some other BJP members during the introduction of Taxation and Other Laws (Amendment and Waiver of Certain Provisions) Bill 2020. The house had to be adjourned four times. Also Read – Bill approved by 30 percent reduction in salary of MPs in Lok Sabha

After the four-time adjournment, when the proceedings commenced at six o’clock in the evening, Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur said, “It was not my objective to offend anyone while presenting the facts while the taxation bill was laid. If anyone has been hurt, I too am pained. ”Following this statement by Thakur, the proceedings of the House went smoothly and supplementary demands for grants for the year 2020-21 and additional grants for the year 2016-17. Discussion started on demands. Also Read – Kangana Ranaut’s taunt with Maharashtra government resonates in Lok Sabha, BJP MP surrounds Shiv Sena

Earlier, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said that the members of Parliament are performing their duties when the whole country is struggling with the corona virus infection under exceptional circumstances. He said that the House has some dignity, its predecessors had worked to maintain this dignity. Members have also supported Asanas. Birla said that we should discuss the facts, but debate should be avoided without facts. We should follow the good tradition of the House. Whatever time is left, the proceedings of the House should be conducted safely. Also Read – In the Lok Sabha, the BSP raised the demand to divide UP into four parts, so that Dalits can become backward CM

The chairman said, “For me all the members are equal. It is my duty to protect everyone. I apologize personally if someone has been hurt by any of my things. “At the same time, Deputy Leader of the House and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that there are no two opinions that you (the Speaker) have taken over since assuming responsibility. Has conducted the proceedings properly and has gained the trust of the members of all the parties. He said that in the blockage that has arisen today, you have also worked with wisdom which is praiseworthy.

Singh said that as far as Anurag Thakur is concerned, he is a strong leader, a four-time member and a good speaker. If anyone is hurt by his talk, then he is also suffering and he has expressed this sentiment before the House. Singh said, “I hope that everyone will agree with this sentiment and the proceedings of the House will go smoothly.” And we consider them as guardians. He said that it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the dignity of the House.

During the introduction of the Taxation and Other Laws (Amendment and Waiver of Certain Provisions) Bill, 2020, a ruckus erupted in the House due to remarks by Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur and a BJP member. Opposing the introduction of the bill in the lower house, members of Congress, Trinamool Congress raised questions about the formation of PM Cares Fund. Some members suggested to merge this fund into the Prime Minister’s National Disaster Fund. After speaking for some time on the bill, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur will speak on the issue of PM Cairns.

After this, Thakur said that the PM Cares Fund is being opposed, but there must be a logic behind this protest. He said that he (the opposition) used to say that EVM is bad and many elections were lost. Then said that Jan Dhan is bad, then said that GST is bad, triple talaq law is bad. Targeting the opposition, Thakur said that the truth is that the intention of the opposition is bad. Therefore, they also see good work as bad.

Referring to the PM Cares Fund, Thakur said that he (Opposition) went to the court on this subject, but the court rejected his talk. The Minister of State for Finance said that these people are not questioning the thinking of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but are putting a question mark on the thinking of the people of the country. Thakur said that on the one hand the country was preparing to fight the Corona epidemic and while the Prime Minister was taking many steps, the people of the opposition were doing politics.

Thakur said, “In 1948, the then Prime Minister ordered to create the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, like royal spades.” He claimed that the fund has not been registered till date. The Minister of State for Finance also said that the PM Cares Fund is a fully constitutionally registered charitable trust. He alleged that the Gandhi-Nehru family damaged the country. Thakur made some comments about the Nehru-Gandhi family, expressing displeasure over which Congress members walked out of the House.

During this, after the comment of a member of the Trinamool Congress, BJP MP from West Bengal Lockett Chatterjee was seen standing in his place and saying something. On this, Trinamool Congress’s Kalyan Banerjee stood up and expressed his deep objection and kept protesting vigorously for some time.

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said that while trying to pacify him, be it a member of the ruling party, the opposition or a minister… if he tries to get up and speak, then I will have to ask him to come out with his name. Referring to the arrangements made to avoid Kovid-19, he said that the safety of members is his top priority. However, Kalyan Banerjee kept standing and saying his point again and again.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, referring to the speech of Union Minister Anurag Thakur, said that we have not done a single non-parliamentary, unconstitutional thing. But he (Thakur) spoiled the whole atmosphere. He also said that we never said anything wrong to the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) while talking about PM Cares Fund. Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi said that Anurag Thakur should apologize for the derogatory words he had spoken to the Gandhi family. Congress members also raised slogans of ‘Anurag Thakur Apologize’.

The Lok Sabha Speaker said, “Even after the posture of the seat, if the members do not agree, then I am not used to and will not run the House in this way. All the members should keep the code of conduct. ”He adjourned the proceedings for half an hour at 3.50 am amid the uproar. Even after the Lok Sabha meeting resumed after the one-time adjournment, the noise continued in the house and the presiding chairman Rama Devi adjourned the proceedings till 5 pm after a few minutes.

Even after the resumption of the meeting, the situation remained the same and the meeting was adjourned till half past five in the evening. The resurrection continued after the house resumed after three-time adjournment and the Speaker Rajendra Aggarwal adjourned the proceedings till six in the evening.

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