London Kills Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know


The next season of the British show London Kills is called Season 4. We never get tired of crime thrillers. The series keeps us interested because of all the twists and turns, the bad guy, the backstory, and everything else. Even if we don’t like the police or the criminals, we always want to see who ends up winning when it’s police vs. criminals. Depending on the story, we sometimes side with the police and sometimes with the bad guys.

One of these investigation thrillers is London Kills, which you should add to your list of shows you have to watch soon. If you like thriller movies, it’s a good one to watch over and over again. Read on to find out more about Season 4 of London Kills.

London Kills Season 4 Cast

Hugo Speer, who performed Detective David Bradford on the show and goes by the name Marcella, can’t and won’t replace him, so we expect him to come back in the third season. Sharon Smalls’ return as Ds. Vivienne will speed up the season, which is what sets it apart from other shows.

Adrianna Bertola, who plays Carly, Steve Billie, who plays Saffron Jacques, Jack Shalloo, and Glenn Webster are among the other actors. Bailey Patrick is DC Rob, Tori Allen is DC Billie, and Jennie Jacques is the killer who has gone crazy. We should be glad that some new characters could be in the third episode.

London Kills Seasons Plot Summary

At the start of the story, Detective David Bradford is looking into the death of the son of a well-known politician. A tree had the boy hanging from it. He and his team look into the people there and gather information about them. On the stag night, the groom-to-be, Mitchell MacDonald, is attacked. Will, who is his stepson, and Will’s dad, who used to know David Bradford, are both being looked at as possible suspects.

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David also works on the case of Dr. Adam Garrick, whose body was found in a houseboat. But when they find out that an anonymous 999 caller told them about the murder, it makes the case harder to figure out. The body of Thames washes up on the shore. When they looked into it, they found out that he ran a dating service. But when they find out that the girl he spent his last night with is also dead, the case takes a different turn. David figures out that Amber, the girl who was assisting them with their cases, is not homeless.

The show starts with the bodies of two people being found under a wooden platform in a garden. They discover that the body is that of a young man who resided with his friends but went missing a year ago after his pregnant girlfriend left him for a further man. But when his dead body is found here, things change.

Terry Fisher, a pub owner, is found dead in a South London pub. He had been hit with a baseball bat. David also takes care of cases where the bodies of 19-year-old Portuguese women are found in a lockup. Marcus and his son Callum were both killed, which sends shock waves through all of London. Danny, a taxi driver, was killed in Greenwich by being hit with a stick.

David looks into a number of murders that are hard for the police to solve. A schoolboy died in a nearby lake. A locksmith was killed, and the police know the person who was killed. A man was killed by his wife and his brother-in-law. When a well-known police officer is killed, the police have to move quickly to find the killer.

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London Kills Season 4 Plot

The whole crime plot revolves around the great detective Bradford, who has a good eye for details. Because he is one of the best investigators around because of this, and he is the main character of the story. When a politician’s kid dies, he comes back to town. DS Vivienne isn’t happy about this because it seems like he and she have a history together that ends up going beyond just continuing to work together.

The series is mostly about how Bradford’s wife went missing, which is a puzzle that is hard to solve even though there is a new murder to look into in every episode. As the mystery of DS Vivienne’s disappearance keeps getting worse, he can’t help but wonder if she’s still alive, which leads to a maze of secret plans. As the inquiry into the disappearance goes on, he is more and more sure that there is a lot more to it.

London Kills Season 4 Release Date

If you watch crime dramas, you probably want to know when your favorite detective will be looking into gruesome murders. The bad news is that, even though the show was renewed, there is still no official date for its return. The first season came out on February 25, 2019, and the second season came out five months later on July 15, 2019. On Monday, June 6, Acorn TV will only show the first episode of season 3 of the popular police drama London Kills.

The audience is annoyed with the absence of information about how the show will go on. So, there isn’t a set date for when the next episodes of London Kills will be released. Since this is the case, we can probably guess when the show will come back based on how it was scheduled to last season. Since this is the case, season 4 shouldn’t come out later than the summer of 2023.

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London Kills Season Ratings

Since its first season, London Kills has been a very popular show. Many people have watched it online and given it good reviews. It has also gotten pretty good ratings from many rating sites. IMDb gave it 6.7/10, rotten tomatoes gave it 40% with an average audience rating of 52%, and 80% of google users liked watching this show.

London Kills Season 4 Trailer

Acron TV doesn’t have a trailer for season 4 yet, but you can always enjoy the trailers for the third and second seasons. Since it’s been two years since the last season, you might want to watch it again on Acorn TV or Prime Video to remember what happened.

Where to watch London Kills?

You can watch the movie London Kills on Amazon Prime.