Longlegs Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know


Longlegs Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know

Longlegs is the highly anticipated horror-thriller film that is set to captivate audiences in 2024. Directed by the acclaimed Osgood Perkins, this gripping story delves into the dark world of a relentless serial killer and the FBI agent determined to stop him. With a talented cast led by the inimitable Nicolas Cage, Longlegs promises to be a thrilling and unsettling cinematic experience that will linger long after the credits roll.

Longlegs Release Date: 

Longlegs is scheduled to be released in the United States and the United Kingdom on July 12, 2024. This highly anticipated horror film was originally reported in November 2022, when it was announced that Osgood Perkins would be directing the project from a script he had written. The film was quickly picked up for distribution by the independent studio Neon, known for its support of bold and innovative cinematic works.

Principal photography took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, from January to February 2023, with acclaimed cinematographer Andrés Arochi lending his talents to the production. The film’s release date was finalized in February 2023, with Neon securing the North American rights and Black Bear International handling the international distribution. Fans of the genre have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Longlegs, and the July 2024 release date promises to deliver a chilling summer treat for horror enthusiasts.

Longlegs Storyline: 

At the heart of Longlegs is the story of FBI Agent Lee Harker, played by the talented Maika Monroe. Harker is a gifted and determined new agent who is assigned to investigate an unsolved case involving an elusive serial killer. As she delves deeper into the case, Harker uncovers disturbing evidence of the occult, leading her to realize that this investigation has a personal connection to her own life.

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The film’s antagonist, the serial killer known only as “Longlegs,” is portrayed by the iconic Nicolas Cage. Cage’s ability to inhabit dark and complex characters is sure to add an extra layer of unease and intensity to the proceedings. As Harker races against time to stop Longlegs from claiming his next victims, she must confront her own demons and the supernatural forces that seem to be guiding the killer’s actions.

The storyline of Longlegs promises to blend classic Hollywood psychological thriller elements with modern horror sensibilities, creating a chilling and suspenseful narrative that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. With occult symbols, unsettling clues, and a personal connection between the protagonist and the killer, the film promises to deliver a gripping and thought-provoking exploration of the darker aspects of the human psyche.

Longlegs Cast Members:

Longlegs boasts an impressive ensemble cast, led by the above-mentioned Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage. Joining them are:

  • Alicia Witt as Ruth Harker, Lee Harker’s religious mother
  • Blair Underwood as Agent Carter, Harker’s colleague
  • Kiernan Shipka as Carrie Anne Camera, Longlegs’ only known survivor
  • Dakota Daulby as Agent Horatio Fisk
  • Lisa Chandler
  • Erin Boyes as an FBI agent
  • Rryla McIntosh
  • Charles Jarman

This talented cast brings a wealth of experience and versatility to the film, ensuring that the complex characters and their relationships will be brought to life with depth and authenticity. Fans of the actors involved will undoubtedly be eager to see how they navigate the thrilling and unsettling narrative of Longlegs.

Longlegs Creators Team: 

Longlegs is the brainchild of writer and director Osgood Perkins, who has established himself as a rising talent in the horror genre. Perkins, the son of legendary actor Anthony Perkins (known for his iconic role as Norman Bates in Psycho), has previously directed films such as The Blackcoat’s Daughter, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, and Gretel & Hansel, all of which have been praised for their atmospheric and unsettling qualities.

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In addition to Perkins’ vision, the film benefits from the producing talents of Nicolas Cage, who serves as a producer through his production company, Saturn Films. Cage’s involvement not only brings his immense star power to the project but also his keen eye for compelling and unconventional stories. The producing team is rounded out by Dan Kagan, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Dave Caplan, and Chris Ferguson, all of whom have extensive experience in the industry and a track record of supporting innovative and thought-provoking films.

Where to Watch Longlegs? 

Longlegs will be distributed in the United States and North America by the independent studio Neon, which has a reputation for showcasing bold and unique cinematic works. The film will be released in theaters on July 12, 2024, providing audiences with the opportunity to experience the chilling and atmospheric story on the big screen.

For international audiences, the distribution rights have been acquired by Black Bear International, ensuring that Longlegs will have a wider global reach. While specific details on streaming or home video releases have not yet been announced, it is likely that Longlegs will eventually make its way to various digital platforms, allowing fans to revisit the film and uncover its unsettling secrets in the comfort of their own homes.

Longlegs Trailer Release Date: 

The official trailer for Longlegs was released on May 31, 2024, generating significant buzz and excitement among horror enthusiasts. The trailer showcases the film’s atmospheric tone, with haunting music and ominous visuals that set the stage for the impending terror.

The trailer opens with FBI Agent Lee Harker (Maika Monroe) hearing a disturbing calling sound outside her home, only to turn around and see the elusive serial killer, Longlegs (Nicolas Cage), inside her house. The footage then cuts to Harker’s investigation, where she discovers the killer’s penchant for leaving occult-like symbols and a chilling signature at the crime scenes.

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The trailer builds tension and suspense, teasing the personal connection between Harker and the killer, as well as the supernatural elements that seem to be at play. Glimpses of disturbing imagery, including a teenage girl confronted by Cage’s character, further heighten the sense of dread and foreboding. The trailer’s impact is amplified by the inclusion of a cryptic message, “You’ve got the teeth of the hydra upon you,” adding to the film’s sense of mystery and the looming threat that Harker must face.

Longlegs Final Words: 

Longlegs is poised to be a standout entry in the horror-thriller genre, blending classic psychological suspense with a chilling occult twist. The film’s impressive pedigree, with Osgood Perkins at the helm and the inimitable Nicolas Cage in a compelling lead role, promises to deliver a captivating and unsettling cinematic experience.

As the July 2024 release date approaches, horror fans eagerly await the chance to witness the unfolding of Longlegs’ twisted narrative. The film’s marketing campaign, with its eerie teasers and posters, has already generated significant buzz, hinting at the depth and complexity of the story to come.

Ultimately, Longlegs is a testament to the enduring power of the horror genre to explore the darkest corners of the human psyche. With its blend of supernatural elements, personal connections, and a relentless killer, the film promises to leave a lasting impression on audiences, promising a thrilling and thought-provoking experience that will linger long after the credits have rolled.