Loop Hero, the endless RPG, sells half a million copies in a week


A week ago a surprising endless RPG about the end of the world appeared on Steam. Posted by Devolver. Now, seven days later, it turns out that it has already sold half a million copies.

Loop Hero puts us in the shoes of a hero who faces a world in ruins, of which only a circular path infested with enemies remains. We move through this circle as we fight enemies and recover memories of the “past” world in the form of both equipment and terrain cards. Placing them we will recover the elements that remind of the world (now empty), giving rise to new powers for the hero but also making new monsters appear. Loop Hero ends up being a combination of rogue-like, a deck builder, a strategy game and an RPG in which we place cards, change equipment, fight, retreat or die and return to start the same process again.

With half a million players and an average playing time of 12 hours for each of them, we would be talking about three billion hours and 18 “spins” to the loop, at least. Its soundtrack is also the fastest-selling in Devolver history.

To celebrate the situation, Devolver has released a set of new Steam trading cards and they are working on adding quality updates to the title, see an improved game save system, speed options and new enemies, as well as content that includes new cards, classes and transformations.

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