Love : How to know if your correspondant is sincere ?


When someone is sincere there are some signs that show it. It may be an attitude, a gesture, the way of talking, an action, etc… So to know if your correspondent is sincere about this relationship, it takes to check these signs. Here are some indicators of the sincerity of your correspondent. 

They are simple

Most of the time we think sincerity is this giant mountain that only bra few people can conquer. But sincerity is all about simplicity. Sincere people don’t struggle de draw the attention on them. They have to impress no one. They will try to appear before you as simple as possible but with all sense of elegance, beauty etc,.. If your love correspondent is sincere you’ll notice it in the simplicity of his words, appearance, his relationship with others. There are not extravagant nor artificial. 

They are patient

Ultimately, sincere people have patience, and that bleeds into everything else in their lives. They don’t rush with you. They will give you time and space in the relationship. Whether it’s waiting for lines, dealing with conflict, or working with others, they stay resilient through tough situations by being patient. When one truly love you, in order to win your trust, he/she is ready to wait to help you building up this trust. 

They encourage you to do your own thing

A sincere partner recognize you have a separate identity outside the relationship and support you when you want to spend time seeing friends or pursuing your own hobbies. It’s true you people should enjoy each other’s company but they won’t try to control your friends, your choices, or your behaviour. They trust you and don’t invade your life as a rushing wind. They’ll also maintain their own friendships and interests instead of looking to you to entertain them or fulfill all their social needs. Often the correspondents found on Jerkmate girls  are serious.

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They Give Compliments Without a Second Thought

They praise and admire whenever it feels right and when people deserve it. There’s nothing else to it. They’re not afraid of what other people might think, or the egos of those around you. They understand the importance of spreading love and letting other people feel joy and pride, and they want to be a part of that when they can. They don’t “count” the compliments they hand out. As a sincere person, they keep things simple — compliments are given when deserved, and not held back for silly, superficial reasons.

They’re Not Afraid To Look Weak

A sincere person doesn’t care about looking weak. Most people are afraid of looking weak and vulnerable in front of others, to the point that they’ll do their best to hide their true feelings, even when it doesn’t help them. But not the case with sincere people. If you correspondent is sincere with you he/she will not be afraid of being himself/herself with you. They care about them self not caring for what people think about them. You will also noticed that they have strong self-esteem and confidence and don’t need validation from those around them, because they get enough of it from themselves.