Love Jihad: Calcutta High Court clarifies on love jihad- Adults can change religion on their own


Kolkata: There is a strong debate in the country these days against Love Jihad. After the Uttar Pradesh government brought a law against love jihad, the church has become fast in many other states to bring and implement this law. Meanwhile, the Calcutta High Court has clarified that an adult girl can marry and change her religion if she wishes. At the same time, the court also said that if a girl refuses to go to her parents’ house after marriage, then no coercion or interference can be done in this case. Please tell that the court gave this statement in a case where a Hindu father had filed a petition in the court, in which it was told that his daughter has married a Muslim boy and has been converted under pressure. Also Read – 26 will be introduced in Madhya Pradesh for approval of cabinet

Let me tell you that a petition was filed in the court by a 44-year-old man living in Durgapur, in this petition, it was feared by the said person that his daughter has been forced to convert after marriage. The petition said that on 15 September, her daughter eloped with a Muslim boy and married him. During this time the girl’s religion was also converted. Also, his daughter’s name has also been changed. The father’s allegation is that his daughter has been forced to convert. Also Read – Love Jihad: Now the law against ‘forced conversion’ comes into force in Himachal Pradesh, may be sentenced to seven years

In this regard, the girl proved her father’s words wrong by recording her statement in front of the magistrate. The girl said that she has decided to marry of her own accord, run away from home and convert. The father’s statement proved false after the girl’s statement. On this, the father told the Calcutta High Court that on the day his daughter’s statement was recorded, he was not allowed to meet the daughter. This statement was made by putting pressure on his daughter. Also Read – UP: Allahabad High Court Refuses To Prohibit ‘Love Jihad’ Ordinance

Please tell that Yogi Adityanath’s government in Uttar Pradesh has brought a law against love jihad. Under this law, if a person is found to have converted for marriage by cheating, greed or coercion, then he will be punished with a maximum sentence of 10 years. Also, the person will also be fined. Please tell that after the introduction of this law, many states are considering bringing such laws continuously and many states have also implemented this law.


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