Love-marriage film drama played for hours from court to road … could not get married


Rajasthan: Ran from home and reached the court to get married in court. It happened to the young woman that the marriage continued to happen. The reason is that both their families were not ready to get married and both ran away from the house and reached the court to get married. But luck did not accept the relationship between them. Could not get married Also Read – Punishment of love: The young man who came home in lockdown went to meet his girlfriend, family members locked in the room and burned them alive, both died

The incident is of Jodhpur Court where a film drama of a wedding was seen in the court. A young man and the girl were in love and wanted to get married, both ran away from their homes and reached court, but on suspicion, the girl’s family went back to the court and did not allow them to get married at the last moment. Not only this, the girl’s family has filed a case against the young man in the police station to drive them away. Also Read – The bride who went to make-up on the wedding day, the lover reached the spot said ‘Sanam Bewafa’ and then …

After this there was a lot of uproar and when she tried to take the girl to her family house, the youth protested, on which the girl’s family beat her. Seeing this, the girl started fleeing from there, then the relatives caught her. There was a huge crowd to see this incident in the court premises. Also Read – Three more marriages in 3 years, except for the woman he married 11 years ago, the police shocked by what happened now

Then, as soon as the girl’s family tried to seat her in the car, the people there felt that the girl was being abducted. On this, the father of the girl said that this is my daughter, I am taking it home. If the girl’s family had arrived 40 minutes late, the marriage of both would have become legal in the court, but this could not happen and the case got worse.

The love story of these two started like this, the woman was in love with her friend’s brother. Both got acquainted and fell in love. The girl was a minor and had attained maturity three days earlier. After which both of them talked about getting married in court and ran away from home and reached court. But luck was probably not acceptable.


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