Luis Suárez revealed that Liga MX clubs looked for him to sign him

The former Atlético de Madrid striker spoke about his future (Video: Twitter/@ellarguero)

The future for striker Luis Suarez is still uncertain. After leaving the Atletico Madrid At the end of this season, I would be looking for a new club to arrive in the best conditions Qatar World Cup 2022. So Suárez shared what have been the proposals that have come to him so far.

Among the clubs that want to take over the services of the Uruguayan are teams that compete in the Mexican First Division from MX League, as expressed by the footballer himself. In an interview with The LagueroSpanish program, Luis Suárez explained what his plan is for this transfer market and what are you looking for in your next team.

It was there where He confessed that some Liga MX squads have approached him to propose the idea of ​​competing in the country; however, he showed no interest in playing in Mexico and indicated that he will seek a new institution within European soccer.

And it’s not Only in Mexico it was striking that he is without a club because offers from Brazil or Argentina They have been another of the scenarios that Suárez has approached. This was detailed by the absolute of the Uruguayan National Team.

Luis Suárez is looking for a new team for the 2022 summer season (Photo: REUTERS/Juan Medina)
Luis Suárez is looking for a new team for the 2022 summer season (Photo: REUTERS/Juan Medina)

“They call you from South America, from teams like Brazil, They called me from Central America like from Mexicoafter Argentina there are also possibilities. But honestly, my mentality and my head are for the competitive level here. the competitive level in South America is high today, it has grown a lot but my head is here”, she assured.

Notably the gunman did not reveal the name or names of those who were interested in his work to bring it to the MX Leaguebut different Mexican media put the America club As the main interested in signing Suárez for the Apertura 2022 because he would have contacted the striker to offer him the possibility of wearing the shirt cream blue.

Until now, the Coapa team has not revealed what their strategy will be to reinforce the squad for the next tournament, so it is unknown about the probable closeness they had with Luis Suárez.

For his part, the 35-year-old footballer assured that he will not leave Europe since he is interested in maintaining a competitive level for the 2022 World Cup, for which he rejected -for the moment- any offer that is not within Western football.

(Photo: REUTERS/Jon Nazca)
(Photo: REUTERS/Jon Nazca)

“Sincerely I’m not thinking about money, I’m thinking on a sporting level What interests me the most and what I want and that’s europeis what calls you the most”, he assured.

At the end of Atlético de Madrid’s season in LaLiga lost two important elements of the squad mattress Well, Héctor Herrera and Luis Suárez played their last games with them. At the end of the game between Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla of LaLiga, the field of the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium became the stage on which honored the participation of Héctor Miguel and Suárez.

The club made a hall of honor for both players. The Mexican midfielder started first, who, accompanied by his family, received applause from the public, the team and the coaching staff. Then Suárez passed, who also passed with the company of his children and wife. Both players received a commemorative shirt from the Madrid team.


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