Luke Bryan Didn’t Ask CMT To Take Down His Videos To Help Jason Aldean


Luke Bryan Didn’t Ask CMT To Take Down His Videos To Help Jason Aldean:

After a parody site posted a story that Luke Bryan asked CMT to take down his music videos out of support for his close companion Jason Aldean, people on social media spread the false story like wildfire.

This week, a CMT representative told Billboard that the station had stopped playing Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” video after showing it for three days after it came out on July 14. The representative did not say anything else.

The controversial video shows stealing, protesters mocking police, flag burning, and a robbery at a grocery store. This takes Aldean’s song about how people in small towns don’t let this kind of thing happen in their towns to a whole new level.

Many Fans Are Upset Because CMT Just Took Down The Video Of Jason Aldean’s New Song:

Many fans were upset when Country Music Television took down the video for Jason Aldean’s new song “Try That Within a Small Town,” but a financial guru says that the network could have discovered that Americans are tired of being pushed around if they had just looked at Bud Light.

Entrepreneur Ted Jenkin tells Fox News Digital, “What we’re seeing to be a trend across the United States is the fact that people are using their right to free speech upon businesses in one way or another.”

“When businesses commit to do these things, they also have to take responsibility for the results,” Jenkin said. “We saw this with Bud Light along with various brands, so it might occur to CMT.”

The country singer, who is 46 years old, reacted to the issue on Twitter on Tuesday, saying that the claims are “not only false but dangerous.”

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Since then, many famous people on both sides of the issue have spoken out about it, as has Chaz Molder, the mayor of the Tennessee town where the video was shot.

On Friday, the spoof website Uplifting Today shared a story with the title “Luke Bryan pulls his music videos from CMT across Jason Aldean debacle: ‘Folks, it’s time for the Bud Light Treatment.'”

President Cancelled His CMT Subscription:

The article says that the President has cancelled his CMT subscription and that, in response to a challenge from Bryan, Billy Ray Cyrus has begun composing a follow-up to

“Achy Breaky Heart” called “Achy Breaky Cart” regarding “a dangerous run-in at a rural Walmart,” yet it seems that many people only read the headline and started sharing it on social media, such as Twitter.

The tiny print at the conclusion of the story was also missed. Uplifting Today makes news comedy and spoof that is published around the world.

Some of the content on this website and the social media accounts that go with it is made up, even if it sounds like real events. This warning will also be part of that content.

Any true, semi-real, or comparable names, places, people, goods, services, and settings are used only for satire, and the story details that go along with them are completely made up.

“Columbia, Tennessee, is like a lot of small towns in the U.S. in that it wants to bring people collectively,” Molder tells FOX 17 News upon Wednesday. “Before today, I hadn’t heard the song, but I’ve seen the video.”

“I respect the artist’s right to write his own songs and listen to those who encourage him, but I hope that his subsequent music video which employs our historic downtown to be a background will try to send a more positive message,” the mayor said.

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Even so, Aldean fans are still sharing the story on social media and making those within the country music community wonder if other artists are also asking for it to be taken down.

A CMT spokesperson says that neither Bryan nor any other singer has asked for their movies to be taken off the station. When Bryan’s spokesman was asked for a statement, he didn’t give one.

Molder also told the source that maybe Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, as well as Dolly Parton “will be the next to record a video in our small town, so they will demonstrate peace, love, and all the great things about Columbia, Tennessee.”

On July 14, the singer of “Dirt Road Anthem” released the music movie for the song. After it came out, people on social media started breaking down the words.

Within the early 2000s, The Dixie Chicks’ records were burned and they couldn’t be played on country radio because the lead singer had said bad things about George W. Bush.

When Lil Nas X’s song “Old Town Road” went popular, he was kicked off the country charts. He wasn’t able to get back on the charts until he made a version of the song with country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

The site is a famous place to film outside of Nashville, according to Tacklebox, the company that made the music video. Several music movies and videos have been shot there, the company said.

Within a statement to, TackleBox said that any other story about where the music video was shot is false. They also said that Aldean failed to select the place where the video was shot.

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People on social media also pointed out that the performance in the music video took place in the front of the Maury County Courthouse within Columbia, TN. This is where Henry Choate was lynched in 1927.

Choate, who was 18 years old, was said to have attacked a white woman. The video also showed images of the unrest as well as riots that happened in 2020 when the virus was at its worst.

Aldean posted a long message on social media in which he talked about what the song means to him and why he thinks the claims are “dangerous.”

Aldean wrote on Twitter, “In the last 24 hours, I’ve been accused of putting out a song that supports lynching. This is a song that’s been out since May as well as was compared to the fact that I wasn’t happy with the BLM protests going on across the country.”

Alden Wrote On Twitter That These Connection Are Pointless:

“These connections aren’t just pointless, they’re also dangerous. There isn’t a single line in the song that mentions or points to race, and every video clip is real news footage.

“I can try to respect other people’s right to have their own ideas about how a song with music should be interpreted, but this one went too far,” he said. Aldean also said that he was playing when a mass shooting happened in 2017.

He said, “As many people have pointed out, I was there at Route 91, where so many people died, and our community just went through another heartbreaking tragedy.” No one, such as me, needs to keep seeing stupid news stories or families being split up.