Lust From Beyond censors its terror and eroticism in a new version: play the demo on Steam and GOG


The changes were made to achieve a Mature rating within the ESRB and attract more players.

By Axel García / 20 comments

Following its success on Kickstarter, the horror game Lust From Beyond became a hit thanks to its explicit content that earned it a ranking Adults Only within the ESRB, this project being one of the few to achieve this rank in the video game classification system. However, this caused that it was not the most accessible title for players, something that is planned to be fixed with the next M Edition on the way to PC.

This reissue will seek to attract more playersAs the name suggests, Lust From Beyond: M Edition is the reissue of the horror title applying numerous censorship, in order to lower his rating to M (Mature) and try to attract more players. Will be available next Feb. 10 on PC, and will be priced at $ 17.99 / € 14.99, with a 10% discount to celebrate its launch.

What changes in this version? Some models were modified to reduce nudity present in the game, but without losing the theme and setting of each moment. Several scenes also received adjustments to reduce the explicit content, and some animations had to change to get out of the Adults Only classification.

Lust From Beyond

Although it is the same game, these changes could be radical for players who already enjoyed it, and that is why it has been launched a demo on Steam and GOG that you can already try starting today. If you play on console, there is still no news about a version for any other platform, so you should, at least for now, turn to your PC.

Lust From Beyond is a first-person survival horror, with elements borrowed from the author’s universe H.P. Lovecraft. With a combination of exploration, combat, stealth and many puzzles, the title will seek to torment you with a narrative dark and provocative as you control Victor Holloway, who joins a mysterious cult to find answers.

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