Lying and Stealing Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Lying and Stealing Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Vertical Entertainment and DirecTV have acquired Matt Aselton’s crime thriller Lying and Stealing, which he co-wrote with Theo James then Emily Ratajkowski and shot in the North.

A second quarter has been released in 2019 after an unusual one-month television service debut.

Vertically, at the Sundance Film Festival, Peter Jarowey and Josh Spector are hunting for images of the business’s 2019 timeline.

They signed the false and stealing contract with UTA Indie Film Company on behalf of the filmmakers. Worldwide rights are sold by Voltage Pictures.

A Yiddish adage is quoted as follows: “When a criminal kisses you, number your teeth.” stealing and lying.

Well, the alluring oomph of Emily Ratajkowski and the enticing presence The film’s director and co-writer, Matt Aselton, does not agree with the atheist’s viewpoint, but he nonetheless makes for some fast B-movie fun.

“Lying and Stealing is a highly competent crime thriller with Theo James or Emily Ratajkowski’s captivating lead performances,” said the chairman of Goldberg Vertical.

“The movie has us all on the edge of our seats, and everybody are eager for people to see it soon.

When a burglar kisses you, number your teeth’, advises the famous Yiddish saying in the opening line of the heist film Lying and Stealing.

It’s a great setup with the crime film that follows, which Matt Aselton, whom co-wrote the script with Adam Nagata, directs in a less creative but often stylish and polished manner.

The film has its moments, but there are many clichés and it loses its momentum and intensity quickly. Count it as a unimpressive independent film headed for home video in a memorable terrible summer.

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Ivan Warding, a skilled art thief whose loves both the art he takes and the process of taking it, is portrayed by Theo James, an exceptionally gorgeous and enviably suave actor in the cast of unknowns.

So, with the help of a Hollywood actress called Elyse, portrayed by Emily Ratajkowski, who isn’t much of an actor but often changes wigs and gets dressed up, he devises a plan for one more robbery.

Lying and Stealing Cast

  • Theo James as Ivan Warding
  • Emily Ratajkowski as Elyse Tibaldi
  • Fred Melamed as Dimitri Maropakis
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ray Warding
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Lyman Wilkers
  • Evan Handler as Eric Maropakis
  • John Gatins as Aton Eisenstadt
  • Fernanda Andrade as Mary Bertring
  • Bob Stephenson as Mr. Oklahoma
  • Keith Powell as Mike Williams

Lying and Stealing Trailer

Lying and Stealing Plot

Ivan uses Elyse, a failing movie heroine who was expelled from the business after stealing from a prominent producer, to help catch Dimitri.

Ivan travels to Dimitri’s men’s home with the FBI agent while Elyse is at the bar with Dimitri, where he subdues both of them.

Then, using another of the guys with disabilities’ phones, he sends Dimitri a signal informing him of how successfully they killed Ivan.

Dimitri is relieved when she gets the message and chooses to go back to her “mate’s place” with Elyse.

When they get home, Dimitri quickly shoots Elyse with a revolver, but Ivan stops them right away.

A Mexican standoff ensues, during which Elyse Dimitri passes out from a narcotic overdose moments before a bullet can be fired. We later learn that the gunshot was freely inserted into the wine that Dimitri had provided.

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When the criminal leader’s body is delivered to the FBI office, Elyse finds herself in a position to repay her debt and comfort the antagonistic creator. The conclusion of “Lying and Stealing” takes place at a party where Ivan, Ray, and Elyse look at artwork.

The movie ends with characters being concealed from the chamber containing priceless treasures of art after Elyse causes a gas explosion to divert attention.

Ivan may not be far from ending his day of crime as he had first hoped because of the bright companion lady Elyse and his spirited brother Ray, but he also seems to have two collaborators.

But with a pretty good understanding of the illegal activities and criminally inclined individuals that the FBI spy Wilkers has been involved with, it is amazing that Ivan hadn’t been imprisoned.

The information agent Wilkers provides Ivan on two partners is his most effective covert weapon.

The agent repeatedly highlighted that his discussions with the theft suspect had “never happened,” hence they ought to always be kept private.

Ivan could have concrete evidence that the agent is more likely to face difficulties given that he leaves Ivan and his buddies alone at the film’s climax.

Elyse seldom expresses genuine joy. She also seems disillusioned by what her sleazy Italian director says and seems jaded by the movie industry and the wealthy in general.

Therefore, it seems as if Elysa may have found her calling to plunder the wealthy. She is in need. Despite the fact that he makes no promises in return, she is Ivan.

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Even her multilingual skills, especially her familiarity with common expressions (but not fluency), seem more befitting of a conwoman then an actress.