Mad doctor in love killed his girlfriend with a knife, said – did not agree …


Agra: A senior doctor, madly in love, brutally killed his own junior doctor and threw his dead body into an empty plot by the road. The brutal killing of Yogita Gautam, junior doctor of Agra’s Sarojini Naidu Medical College, has been revealed. Jalaun’s medical officer and doctor Vivek Tiwari, who had been in relationship with Yogita for seven years, was murdered. Also Read – Embarrassing: Parents used to read, tutor showed porn videos, then one day …

Doctor Vivek Tiwari has confessed his crime. After being taken into custody, he has said that he had a fight with Yogita, after which he pressed Yogita’s neck in anger. After that, when he felt that Yogita had not died, he tortured and killed him with a knife in the car and threw the deadbody in an empty plot. Also Read – Dead body of lover couple was found in Lucknow hotel, this thing came out in post mortem, know

‘SSP told – both were in relationship for 7 years’
The SSP of Agra told that Dr. Vivek has told the police that he was in a relationship with Yogita for 7 years. Vivek has also accepted that he used to come to Agra from Jalaun to meet Yogita. This time when he came to Agra, he had a big fight with Yogita about something in the car. Also Read – Brother was ‘molested’ with younger sister, sister cut angrily with a sickle …

Yogita’s body was found in Douki area, brother expressed doubt on Dr. Vivek
The body of doctor Yogita, who was doing PG from the Department of Gynecology at SN Medical College, Agra, was found lying in an empty plot in Douki area on Wednesday. After his body was identified in the evening, Yogita’s brother, Dr. Mohinder Kumar Gautam, had expressed suspicion on Dr. Vivek Tiwari and filed a case of kidnapping of his sister against him. The police team questioned Dr. Vivek Tiwari in custody late at night and Vivek confessed his crime.


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