Maharashtra Covid-19 Update: Even after five months, Corona remains horrific in Maharashtra, more than 13 thousand new cases in 24 hours


Maharashtra Covid-19 Update: Corona cases in the country are not taking the name of freeze. So far more than 27 lakh people in the country have been hit by the corona virus, while about 53 thousand people have lost their lives so far. The whole country has suffered the biggest hit from Corona in Maharashtra. Almost six months after the corona outbreak in Maharashtra, the cases are not taking the name of reduction. Despite all efforts of the government, the state is badly affected by Corona and thousands of new cases are coming up every day. Also Read – COVID-19 Vaccine Update News: ‘If the government takes an emergency decision then Corona vaccine will be available in a few days’

On Wednesday, 13,165 new cases of corona virus infection were reported in Maharashtra, after which the total number of patients of the Kovid-19 epidemic increased to 6,28,642. A health officer gave this information. He said that 346 more patients died from Kovid-19. Also Read – Coronavirus Cases In Bihar: Corona Caught In Bihar Speed, Number Of Infections Reached 1 Lakh

The official said that so far 21,033 people have died due to this epidemic in the state. He said that 9,011 patients of Kovid-19 were cured. So far, 4,46,881 patients of Kovid-19 in Maharashtra have been cured. The official said that 1,60,413 patients are currently being treated in the state. Also Read – Corona Crisis: In Madhya Pradesh, poor will get 5 kg food grains and 5 kg food grains at the rate of 1 rupee.

In Mumbai, 1,132 new cases of corona virus infection were reported and 46 patients died, after which the total number of cases increased to 1,31,542 and the number of dead reached 7,268. The official said that 17,914 patients of Kovid-19 are currently being treated in Mumbai.

He said that 1,233 new cases were reported in Pune city and 38 more patients died. So far, 82,907 cases of Corona virus infection have been reported in Pune and 2,169 patients of Kovid-19 have died.


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