Make a backup of your Valheim save data by following these steps


If you are afraid of losing your progress there is an infallible and very simple method to do. We help you to back up your Valheim save data so that there is no technical problem that could end your Viking world.

How to backup Valheim save data

Before starting it is very important that you check that you don’t have the game running, as backing up Valheim while the game is running could corrupt all files and then you would mess up Viking.

The next step is to see all files and folders, even hidden ones. To make sure you see them, simply type “show hidden files” in the Windows search bar and open the settings option that will appear. Here select to show you everything.

To be able to make a backup of your saved Valheim data you have to find the location of the game file on your PC. Generally it is usually located in a location similar to this, but search well.

  • C: Users Username AppData LocalLow IronGate Valheim

If the files are hidden you can also find this folder by searching %appdata% in the Windows search bar.

Once inside, you should see these files:

Copy all these folders and files and paste them in a safe location. We recommend that you do it on another hard drive, on a pendrive or on an external hard drive. That is, somewhere that you can easily recover if there is something wrong with your PC, for example.

In case the game presents a problem, your world is corrupted or you experience any kind of problem with the game, simply copy this data again (the ones you saved separately) and paste it into the folder on your PC. Overwrite what they ask of you and voila, you will return to the same point as when you made that copy.

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Obviously, do it from time to time so as not to lose the progress of your game and avoid problems.

We hope we have been useful and you already know back up your Valheim save data, something that you can replicate with any other video game. Here we teach you how to increase the inventory space in Valheim and load more weight (there are several options for this) and here we teach you how to erase and destroy objects in Valheim that you no longer want.