Malaysian Musicians Are Getting Ready To Sue The 1975 Over The Cancellation Of A Festival


Malaysian Musicians Are Getting Ready To Sue The 1975 Over The Cancellation Of A Festival:

A group of Malaysian artists and festival sellers are getting ready to file a class action case against the 1975. This is because the Good Vibes festival had to be canceled after singer Matty Healy criticized the government’s anti-LGBTQ+ policies on stage.

Healy stopped the band’s performance at the Kuala Lumpur gathering on Friday to say that he didn’t know about the country’s harsh laws against LGBTQ+ people before deciding to play there.

“I don’t understand the point, right? I don’t understand why a country would invite the 1975 and then tell us who we may have sex with.

“I’m sorry if that offends you and you’re religious and it’s a component of your fucking government, yet your government was a bunch of fucking retards so I don’t care anymore,” he said. “If you press, I’ll press back. I’m not in the mood to fuck. I’m not in the mood to fuck.”

Many people have called the singer of the 1975’s foul-mouthed tirade against the Malaysian government as well as kiss alongside a male bandmate “performative activism” that would render their lives more difficult.

Within Malaysia Being A Gay Is A Crime It Can Get You Maximum Of 20 Years Jail:

In Malaysia, being gay is still a crime that can get you a maximum of twenty years within jail. Conservative Islam is still the most important political and social force within the country.

Sexuality, drinking, and other things seen as dangers to traditional values as well as “public decency” norms are limited because of this.

A person close to the band stated in a statement released after Friday’s show that Healy wished to speak up to the LGBT community.

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After 30 Minutes The Concert Get Cut And The Remaining 3 Days Got Cancelled:

The band’s set was cut short 30 minutes later, as well as the rest of the three-day event was called off the next day. The 1975 can’t play in the country anymore, as well as 18 police reports have been made against them.

The case names Healy as well as his three friends as defendants and asks for money to make up for losses caused by the cancellation. A spokesperson for the company that put on the festival, Future Sound Asia, told NME that foreign artists were compensated in full before the event, but that payment terms for local acts were different.

“Unfortunately, the festival’s sudden cancellation throws a wrench in the works. It’s a very sad situation, and we’re aware of how it will affect our local artists, who have all been very helpful during these tough times.

This Is The First Time Were Healy Defended Lesbian And Gay Rights Form The Stage:

It wasn’t the first time Healy defended lesbian and gay rights from the stage. He kissed a male fan at a show within the United Arab Emirates in 2019, which is also a country where gay acts are against the law.

It was also said that 28 food sellers were hit. Future Sound Asia said that the cancellation was a “catastrophic financial blow” for them.

Matthew Thomas Philip of the Malaysian law company Thomas Phillip called Healy’s comments “a deliberate, reckless act done knowing full well what the consequences would be.”

At a town hall meeting on Tuesday in the Hartamas neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur, where bands, vendors, and the media were present, Philip said, “I think the 1975 should be held accountable and responsible for the losses the artists as well as vendors have suffered.”

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Philip told NME that there are currently five artists and sellers who are part of the class action. They are looking for general damages as well as special and severe damages.

No matter what you think of Healy’s acts, he was able to get the world’s attention on how Malaysia treats its gay people.

People all over the world now know that LGBTQ+ people in Malaysia can get up to 20 years in prison, caning, and fines for breaking a colonial-era law that Britain put in place in 1871.

Future Sound Asia has no involvement, but the company told the magazine that it is “happy to help them in any way they need” and is “currently looking into legal options” in opposition to the band.

The Guardian has asked members of the 1975 for their thoughts. Healy had already said something about the episode on Instagram. He posted the festival’s message about the cancellation of the event with the caption “Ok, well, why don’t you try not going out with Ross for 20 years?” Not as simple as it seems.”

Last year, cops raided a private gay Halloween party and arrested dozens of people, which is typical of homophobia in the country. A few weeks ago, Malaysian police took away rainbow-colored Swatch watches because of their color.

Since 2018, homophobia has become worse. It happens at the same time that Malaysian society is becoming more Islamic and moving toward theocracy, which many Muslims don’t like.

According To The Government Of Malaysia The Band Goes Against Article 10 Of Malaysia’s Law:

After what happened on Friday, the Malaysian government moved quickly to condemn the 1975 and stop them from playing again.

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But that goes against Article 10 of Malaysia’s law, which says that people have the right to speak their minds. The constitution also says that it is against the law to ban being gay. Article 8 says that everyone in the country has the same rights.

Critics say that what Healy did will lead to a war on LGBTQ+ people in Malaysia. It’s a good worry, but for now it’s just a guess.

In any case, anger and harassment are common responses to social justice movements, from the Chartists to the Suffragettes, the US black civil rights movement, or the anti-apartheid campaign in South Africa.

Even though the crackdown got worse, they did not give up the fight. In the end, this is how they won.

Malaysian State Elections Are Coming Up In August:

Malaysian State Elections are coming up in August. Because of this, Healy’s swagger comes at a time when good goals can have a bad effect and give politicians more ammo.

Healy has made fun of the fact that the event was canceled since he left Malaysia. For example, he asked MacDonald how he might be expected to not kiss him, implying that his bassist was too beautiful to refuse. Even so, Healy still doesn’t see the damage he’s caused.

Additionally 1975 Canceled The Show Within Jakarta And Taipei:

Even when The 1975 said it had to cancel shows in Jakarta and Taipei because of “current circumstances,” which Healy had made, he didn’t take any blame. Healy’s lack of knowledge would be amazing if it weren’t so dangerous for the people left behind.