Many experts of the world are expressing doubts over the Corona vaccine made by Russia, these things came to light


Moscow / Hyderabad: In the midst of an epidemic of corona virus infection that is causing catastrophic devastation in the world, yesterday, on Tuesday, when Russia announced that it has developed the world’s first vaccine against corona virus, which works very effectively in dealing with Kovid-19. Does. Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that one of his daughters had already been given the vaccine. But many organizations and experts and leaders have raised doubts about this vaccine. Also Read – Sachin Tendulkar, who missed the monsoon in lockdown, asked people his story

Let us know that the vaccine of Russia is not in the list of the six vaccines of the World Health Organization, which have reached the stage of Phase III testing. Also Read – Questions raised on Russia’s Corona vaccine, is the medicine safe and effective?

A top official of Hyderabad’s CSIR-Cellular and Molecular Biology Center (CCMB) said on Wednesday that due to lack of sufficient data on Russian vaccines developed for the treatment of Kovid-19, the vaccine was effective and used. Nothing can be said about being safe. CCMB director Rakesh K Mishra said that if people are lucky, then the Russian vaccine will prove effective. Also Read – IPL 2020 News Updates: Rajasthan Royals fielding coach infected by Corona before going to UAE, know full details

Still no information about effective vaccine safeguard: CCMB Director Rakesh K Mishra
Mishra said, “There is still no information about the vaccine being effective and safe for its use. They did not conduct proper tests, which are done in the third phase. In this stage you get to know about the effect of the vaccine. In this phase a large number of people are vaccinated and wait for two months and find out if they are infected. ”

The release of the vaccine before a full trial raised concerns
Danny Altman, a professor of immunology at Imperial College London, told the Science Media Center that concerns were raised over the release of the vaccine before a full trial. CNN quoted him as saying that the vaccine should be approved only after the third phase of testing as per the standards.

WHO asked Russia to follow international guidelines
According to the BBC, the World Health Organization had last week asked Russia to follow international guidelines to make the Kovid-19 vaccine amid health concerns related to the vaccine. Russia’s vaccine is not in the list of six WHO vaccines that have reached the stage of Phase III testing.

US Health Minister makes it more important to make safe than first vaccine
Reacting to Putin’s announcement, US Health Minister Alex Azar has said that it is more important to make an effective and safe vaccine against the corona virus than to make the first vaccine of Kovid-19.

It is important to have transparent data to prove the effect
Azar, who arrived on a visit to Taiwan, was asked by ABC on Tuesday what he thought about Russia’s announcement that it had become the first country to register a corona virus vaccine. Azar said, the subject is not about making vaccines first. The topic is to make a vaccine that is safe and effective for the American people and the people of the world. He said that having transparent data is important to prove vaccine safety and its effects.

President of Russia claims development and registration of vaccines
According to ‘Sputnik News’, the Russian President claimed the development and registration of the vaccine in a government meeting and said that it is a very important step for the world. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that one of his daughters attended the trial and was given the vaccine.

Putin had told that the daughter felt the first vaccine, she is feeling good
Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “After the first vaccine, her daughter’s body temperature was 38 ° C, the next day it was slightly above 37 ° C. After the second vaccine, his temperature rose a bit and then everything went well. She is feeling well and the antibody level is high. “

The world’s first vaccine production at these two places Will happen
Russia’s Health Minister Mikhail Murashko has said that production of the first vaccine against the corona virus will begin at two locations – Gamalaya Research Institute and Binofarm Company. He said that many countries have already shown interest in this vaccine. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) is investing in the production and promotion of vaccines abroad.

Russia will produce a large scale vaccine in the near future
Putin said, this (vaccine) works very effectively and develops permanent immunity. The President thanked everyone who worked on the first vaccine against the corona virus and hoped that Russia would be able to start mass production in the near future.

This is how Russia conducted tests
The vaccine has been developed independently by the Gamalaya Research Institute and the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Its trial began on 18 June, involving 38 volunteers. All these participants developed immunity against Kovid-19. The first group was discharged from the hospital on 15 July and the second group on 20 July.

Putin claims- “I know it works very effectively
Please tell that yesterday Putin said, “For the first time in the world, a vaccine has been registered against the corona virus this morning. The official news agency ‘Taas’ quoted Putin as saying, “I know that it works very effectively and builds a sustainable immunity.”


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