Map with the bosses of the western Necrolimbo in the Elden Ring


Elden Ring has been on the market for a few days now, and many players want to know where are the bosses whom we can face in the first zone of the game, the west necrolimbo. We’ve been researching the area extensively, and while we might have missed some, you’ve got bosses for a while.

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Below you will find a map with numbers, and just below it a brief explanation of each encounter.

Here are all the bosses of the first zone of the Elden Ring: West Necrolimbo map

The list of those we have found (so far) is as follows:

Map Elden Ring Bosses Necrolimbo West

  1. Godrick’s Soldier: the first boss of the game. He is a real joke, he will die in a few hits.
  2. Tree Sentry: As soon as you leave the tutorial you will find him, and you will have a hard time as you intend to kill him. The best thing is that you wait to unlock the mount or, at least, go up a few levels so that it does not blow you up with two hits.
  3. aghel dragon: In the middle of the swamp is this winged creature that is going to give you a lot of headaches. The best thing you can do is get on your mount, to better dodge his attacks and hit him on the run in the legs. Take advantage when you punish the legs enough and put a sword across the eye.
  4. Guard dog: basically it is a kind of dog that jumps quite slowly and that you can burst as soon as you roll its jumps. The friend does not have much mystery.
  5. Farum Azula’s Beast Man: Right after killing the Guard Dog, go to the right to find another cave where this beast will be waiting for you.
  6. Crucible Knight: this boss is surprisingly tough for the point in the game we find him in. He has a pretty annoying shield and a good defense to physical damage.
  7. Margit– This is the final boss of the beta, a pretty tough nut to crack if you intend to take him on in one-on-one combat. The best thing you can do is summon a good bunch of wolves to give you a cable.
  8. Godrick the Grafted: he is MUCH tougher than Margit, and in his second phase he will cut off his arm and put on a fire-breathing dragon’s head like an absolute arsonist.
  9. grave keeper: The most complicated thing about this warrior is his long combos. Wait for the sequence to end to punish him or blow him up with magic.
  10. bloody finger: Although he is not a boss, he is still a curious guy. He advances along the river until this guy invades you.
  11. Patches: the encounter with Patches in this game is very different from what we are used to, since we are the ones who steal from him. In the middle of the fight he will beg you for mercy and he will become a merchant.
  12. Troll Cavapiedras: to access it you will have to jump from the second elevator in the dungeon to the corridor. Go to the left, go down another elevator and you will reach it. He hits like a truck in the area, so wait for his combo and punish his ankles. With magic it’s a walk.
  13. Pumpkin head: He is a fairly fast boss who can give you more than one scare with his head butts.
  14. Darriwil: This boss is found in a prison in the highest part of the plain. The best advice we can give you is to roll all of his attacks, put a pin in him and roll again, because he’s fast as hell.
  15. demihuman bosses: at the end of the beach cave there are these two bosses that you will have to fight at the same time. They also have a good handful of “small” enemies that give them a cable, so clean the area of ​​putties before going for the bigger ones.

We will update this article if we find more bosses.


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