Marcelo Ebrard recognized Bora Milutinovic as a “Distinguished Mexican” in Qatar

Marcelo Ebrard recognized Bora Milutinovic's career during his tour of Qatar (Photo: SRE)
Marcelo Ebrard recognized Bora Milutinovic’s career during his tour of Qatar (Photo: SRE)

During his tour of countries in the Middle East, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, paid a visit to Qatar. During his stay in the place that will host the next World Cup, he took the opportunity to meet with the Mexican community in that country and recognize the trajectory of Bora Milutinovic through award ceremony “Distinguished Mexicans”.

Before the eyes of the attendees, and in the company of the Mexican ambassador in Qatar, Graciela Marquez Garcia, the former head of government of Mexico City presented Milutinovic with a silver medal and a diploma issued by the SRE through embassies and consulates around the world. According to the federal agency, the recognition is delivered:

“To people of Mexican nationalitywho have lived abroad for at least the last 5 years without interruption and who have demonstrated to have an outstanding track record in any field of professional or personal work in scientific, academic, technological, business, creative or innovation or social responsibility activities, among others”.

The legendary ex-soccer player and coach had an outstanding step through teams in the Mexican league, as well as in world soccer. In this sense, having obtained the tricolor nationality by naturalization, “He is admired and is a source of inspiration for many athletes in Mexico and the world”, they wrote through a letterheaded statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

Bora Milutinovic chased Luis García to make his debut with Pumas (Photo: IG/@garciaposti)
Bora Milutinovic chased Luis García to make his debut with Pumas (Photo: IG/@garciaposti)

throughout his 17 years of experience as a professional soccer playerMilutinovic played as a midfielder and dedicated four seasons defending the Pumas jersey of the National University, where he added more than 270 games. Thanks to the transcendence that he consolidated with those from Pedregal, he was appointed technical director after his retirement and undertook a successful career on the bench.

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At the head of the university students he got the second championship in the history of his institution. Similarly, his track record extended to the Concacaf Champions Cup, as well as the Interamerican Cup. His good performance led him to lead in leagues in other countries such as Argentina, Italy, the United States and Qatar.

What national coach had an outstanding step with the Mexican team in two different periods. He was in charge of directing the Tricolor when it was the host team in the World Cup 1986. It is worth mentioning that in said edition the national representative sealed his best participation in history upon reaching the quarterfinals, where he fell to the West German team on penalties.

Ebrard knew the enclosure known as "Mexican Stadium" in the company of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani (Photo: SRE)
Ebrard visited the venue known as the “Mexican Stadium” in the company of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani (Photo: SRE)

His second stage was between 1995 and 1997 to replace Miguel Mejía Barón, after the failure of the United States 94. In the period, he qualified for the World Cup France 1998as well as the championship Gold Cup in 1996 and third place in the Copa América which was held the following year. Thanks to his prolonged tenure, he became the Tricolor’s second coach with the most games at the helm of the bench.

During his visit to Qatar, Ebrard Casaubón also visited the facilities of the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, located in the city of Rayán. It is a structure with a design inspired by the traditional tents that are used in the country and throughout the entire gulf. It is one of the most innovative, as it is planned to be portable.

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The venue is also known as the “Mexican Stadium” thanks to the participation that a national delegation had in its construction. It is a group of 45 people attached to the company Dunn Light Architecture who was in charge of making the roof panels of the structure, as well as the internal façade.


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