Margot Robbie Says She Pushed “Barbie” As A Project That Would Make A Billion Dollars


Margot Robbie Says She Pushed “Barbie” As A Project That Would Make A Billion Dollars:

Margot Robbie is nominated for an Academy Award and stars in one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, Barbie. She also worked as a director on the film.

In fact, Robbie was pitching this original idea to companies before director Greta Gerwig was even involved. She now shares this pitch with Collider’s Perri Nemiroff.

These talks helped get the movie an Oscar-nominated director and a big group of skilled players such as Ryan Gosling, Issa Rae, America Ferrera, Simu Liu, as well as Kate McKinnon.

Margot Robbie not just plays Barbie in the new movie, but she also made it. This means that, such as her character, she frequently went a bit overboard. Robbie told us that there was a little bit of hype about the movie.

“I think my pitch at the green-light meeting was that studios have done so well when they’re brave enough to team up a big idea alongside a visionary director,” she said of using Oscar-nominated Greta Gerwig.

As the director of “Barbie,” Margot Robbie had to show a company that her ideas for the movie would make money.

Margot Robbie Thought That A Barbie Film Can Make $1 Billion At Worldwide Box Office:

So it’s not surprising that the Oscar nominee told pitch meetings straight out that she thought a “Barbie” movie could make $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Robbie told bosses that success would depend on getting writer-director Greta Gerwig on board.

Warner Bros. still doesn’t know if “Barbie” will make $1 billion, but it already looks like it will be a big hit for the company.

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The Movie Is Expected To Gain Between $95 And $110 Million Within Its First Weekend:

The movie is expected to make between $95 million and $110 million in its first weekend. Some dealers think the comedy might earn as many as $140 million within its first weekend. This weekend, Warner Bros. is putting out “Barbie” in 4,200 cinemas across North America.

Gerwig agreed to direct “Barbie” while collaborating with Noah Baumbach to write it. The hire was a good one, especially for Ryan Gosling. Gosling told Collider, “Greta is just an incredibly brilliant and welcoming person.”

“She’s very smart, but she can’t be arrogant. I think I like her work so much because she doesn’t make a line between drama and humor, and she pushes everyone surrounding her to do the same.

So you end up finding places that are in between, as  well as it feels very special to her, but it’s also something you can connect to because it’s more like life.

Jacqueline Durran Stated That To Make Cloths For Margot Robbie Is The Hardest Part Of Her Work:

Just ask Jacqueline Durran, who was in charge of making Barbie’s clothes for the new movie by Greta Gerwig. She said that clothing Margot Robbie for the famous doll was the hardest part of her work.

“Margot isn’t the most perfect person you can think of, so she wasn’t making it hard,” Jacqueline told in an exclusive interview to promote her relationship with ThredUp. “It was hard to choose between all the options as well as figure out which ones would work best.”

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Since Barbie is known for having a good sense of style, there were plenty of sparkly and beautiful outfits shown on-screen.

Some Outfits In Movies Look Like Rosie The Riveter’s Famous Outfit From 1942:

In the movie, Margot sports a sailor blue romper, a pink gingham dress, and a pink jumpsuit, all of which look like Rosie the Riveter’s famous outfit from 1942. But the fact that Barbie has clothes for every event made things hard.

“Another big problem was that Barbie always wears a different outfit,” Jacqueline said. “There was a lot to do within a short amount of time.” We had only 11 weeks to get ready before the shoot began!”

The Barbie Catalog Was The Main Source Of  Ideas For Jacqueline:

But getting together the groups for the movie is pretty much what kids dream about. “The Barbie catalog was my main source of ideas,” Jacqueline said. “I tried to show all the different ways Barbie can look.

One example had been all the white and gold Barbie outfits from the ’60s to the ’90s that people wore to the block party. I picked the most powerful looks alongside the best hair accessories and a lot of frills, especially ones that were very Barbie.”

She went on to say, “Designing the clothes for this movie was such a special experience, and I wished for to make sure to honor the doll’s long history and many different styles over the years.”

Jacqueline Also Taken Inspiration Form The Beach Culture Of The 1960:

Jacqueline was also influenced by the beach culture of the 1960s. She used the same fun colors and shapes of dresses from that time. She said, “All the Barbie’s wear different retro dresses, but my favorite is the pink gingham dress from the early 1960s.”