María Corina Machado asked to include the vote of migrants in the presidential primary in Venezuela

Venezuelan opposition member María Corina Machado (EFE/Rayner Peña R/File)
Venezuelan opposition member María Corina Machado (EFE/Rayner Peña R/File)

The Venezuelan opposition Maria Corina Machado asked this wednesday guarantee the vote of migrants in the primary elections, in which a unitary candidate will be elected to face Chavismo in the presidential elections, scheduled for 2024.

Machado made this request before the National Commission of Primariesin charge of organizing the internal process of the opposition, while stressing that all Venezuelans abroad must be able to participate by presenting their identity card or passport, according to a press release published by Vente Venezuela, the party that she leads.

He also said that these elections should promote the confidence of citizens, inside and outside the country, as well as social organizations, candidates and the international community.

National Commission for Primary (NTN24)
National Commission for Primary (NTN24)

Machado affirmed that the success of the primary elections is “fundamental” to achieve political change in the presidential elections.

In accordance with the regulations that will govern the primaries, released in mid-October, Venezuelans who are duly registered in the electoral registry may participate until the cut-off date determined by the Primaries Commission, which will also have the task of promoting “viable mechanisms ” for the participation of voters abroad.

Since last May, when the opposition reported that it would choose a presidential candidate through primaries that it plans to hold in 2023, the procedures that will govern it have been advanced, but a schedule for the process has not yet been presented.

(With information from EFE)

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