Married at the age of two and a half, when she was 20, she refused to accept the boy as her husband, now …

Baal Vivah in Rajasthan: When she was two and a half years old, the family members got married. Now when the two and a half year old girl turned 20, the in-laws started asking the girl to come to her in-laws, but the girl refused to accept this marriage. Even the girl has reached court against marriage. Also Read – Pregnant turned college student in live-in, lover reaches behind bars on refusal of marriage

In Rajasthan, a 20-year-old girl has sought court in search of a better future for herself. She was married at the age of two and a half. The girl has said in court that such child marriage is unacceptable for her and she wants to make her future by studying further. Also Read – NCR had wings of dreams, first love with love, live-in and then ruin

Samta was married in 2003 in Osian tehsil of Jodhpur district, when she was only two and a half years old. Her in-laws are constantly pressurizing her to come to her house, but Samata has been opposing this. His in-laws are also threatening his family. Also Read – Boy so impaired watching porn, raped friend’s widow mother

Samata finally took refuge in the court and requested the cancellation of her child marriage in Family Court-1 of Jodhpur. Based on the complaint, Judge Mahendra Kumar Singhal has sent summons to the so-called husband of Samata on Monday.

Samata said, “Child marriage (Baal Vivah) is unacceptable to me and I want to study further for my bright future.” He further said that he came to know about the campaign against child marriage being run by Dr. Kriti Bharti, Managing Trustee and Rehabilitation Psychologist of Sarathi Trust. Without any delay, he contacted Bharti for help in canceling the marriage.

With the help of Dr. Kriti Bharti, Samata has filed a case in Jodhpur Family Court-1 for annulment of child marriage. After the preliminary hearing, Family Court-1 Judge Mahendra Kumar Singhal has summoned her so-called husband.

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