Marvel advances “the most shocking number of Spider-Man in 50 years” with the revelation of a great mystery about the character


The current volume of The Amazing Spider-Man is nearing its 25th issue in May, and Marvel is teasing some big news for that month. In fact, the publisher promises that 26 will be “the most shocking Amazing Spider-Man number in 50 years.”

This revelation comes as series writer Zeb Welss and artist John Romita Jr. prepare to unveil the secret behind a great recurring mystery in the series. When The Amazing Spider-Man #1 was released in 2022, readers were left with the question, “What has Peter done?” At the beginning of the series, it was revealed that Peter Parker was responsible for some unknown disaster in New York.

After the disaster, most of Peter’s closest friends and family have turned against him, including Aunt May. Her newly rekindled relationship with Mary Jane also fell apart, and MJ is now dating a man named Paul and helping raise her children. Peter’s only remaining friends are Black Cat and Norman Osborn, the latter of whom is currently a reformed hero known as the Gold Goblin.

Till the date, the series has yet to reveal what exactly Peter did to alienate your friends and family. But the wait seems to finally come to an end in issue #26. If Marvel’s announcements are anything to go by, the truth behind Peter’s betrayal will dwarf the most shocking events of the last 50 years. That includes Peter’s symbiote suit saga, his death at the hands of Morlun, the status quo of Superior Spider-Man, and even the controversial One More Day storyline that wiped out Peter and MJ’s marriage.

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We will see if the revelation is fulfilled when issues 25 and 26 of The Amazing Spider-Man hit stores in May 2023.

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