Marvel Comics anticipates a new Heroes Reborn for 2021


Marvel Comics has announced that Heroes Reborn will return this year 2021. And although they have only published a small teaser in the form of an image, expectations are high, since this new work comes at a time when the original comic turns 25 years old.

The image in question, which you can see below these lines, features the words “Heroes Reborn” in bold white letters on an orange gradient background. And under the title the following description reads: “What happened to the most powerful heroes on Earth?” and the year 2021.

As CBR reports, Heroes Reborn was a massive crossover released between 1996-1997 with titles featuring iconic Marvel heroes such as the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, Hulk. These were made by Jim Lee (WildStorm Studios) and Rob Liefeld (Extreme Studios), after they both left their respective companies to found Image Comics.

During that same time, Marvel also relaunched works such as The Fantastic Four, Avengers, Iron Man or Captain America, starting again from # 1 in a kind of “restart” derived from all that. Somehow, that resurrection of the heroes had allowed them to start over.

That was possible thanks to Franklin Richards transporting the heroes of Heroes Reborn to a parallel universe in which the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and company had been reborn after dying while fighting against Onslaught.

However, it is very difficult to know right now how Marvel will approach a new Heroes Reborn. Even knowing if this new work will mean the closure of this story, or if it will open new paths for other deceased heroes. Be that as it may, at the moment it has not been specified when the new work will be published. The only thing that seems plausible, from the description, is that the same heroes that were already part of this story in the nineties are returning.

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