Marvel Is Celebrating The Cosmic Expansion Of Phases 4 And 5


Marvel Is Celebrating The Cosmic Expansion Of Phases 4 And 5:

During Phases four and five, Marvel Studios was making big changes to the universe, and a new video shows off a lot of these changes.

During the Multiverse Saga, the MCU has grown into a number of different groups that explore different character skills and parts of the world. One of these is the cosmic side of things.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as well as The Marvels, the sequel to Captain Marvel, both take place in space and are part of Phase 5 of the MCU.

In the brand-new short “Journey to the Marvels,” Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers returns as you’ve never seen her before, on her way to team up with Captain Monica Rambeau, her alienated niece, as well as Ms. Marvel, Jersey City’s own teenage superhero.

The Cruel Kree Stole Captain Marvel’s Identity, But She Got It Back:

In The Marvels, Captain Marvel, whose real name is Carol Danvers, has gotten her identity back from the cruel Kree and gotten back at the Supreme Intelligence.

But because of unexpected effects, Carol has to carry the weight of an unstable world. When her job takes her to an odd portal linked to a Kree rebel, her powers mix alongside those of Jersey City superfan Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, as well as Carol’s distant niece, now S.A.B.E.R. pilot Captain Monica Rambeau, who she hasn’t seen in a long time. As “The Marvels,” this strange group of three people must learn to work together and save the world.

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Marvel U.K. put out an official new video on X to promote the many space movies and shows that are now playing on Disney+. The ad comes after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 debuted on online services and before The Marvels hit theaters. Both of these movies are part of Phase 5 of the MCU and are about space.

The Teaser Showed A Bit Of Elestial Eson The Searcher Using The Power Stone To Destroy A Planet:

The minute-and-a-half peek showed clips from the Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Avengers, as well as Eternals franchises, as well as scenes from the Ms. Marvel series as well as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Going back to the MCU’s first truly space-based movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, the teaser showed a short clip of the Guardians watching Eson the Searcher use the Power Stone to destroy a planet.

In Thor: The Dark World, Eternity was shown when Christian Bale’s character, Gorr the God Butcher, knelt before it to make his one wish come true by bringing his daughter back into life.

When the second video for “The Marvels” came out, it was shown that Dar-Benn has her own ring. This makes us wonder more about Ms. Marvel.

When Captain Marvel As Well As Ms. Marvel Shake Hands, Viewers Are Sure To Like That Shot:

In the newest video, Carol responds to Kamala having a ring and asks, “How do you have this?” when she learns regarding the young heroine’s past. This shows that this will also be explored.

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One shot that will make people happy is when Captain Marvel as well as Ms. Marvel shake hands. This shows that Ms. Marvel has been granted permission to work with her hero. From what we keep hearing about The Marvels, it’s clear that the Phase 5 story will have a great mix of heart, fun, and action.

Since this is a movie about three female superheroes working together, it will be easier for The Marvels to stand out from some of the MCU’s new movies. There are only a few months left until The Marvels comes out in movies, so only time can determine how people feel about it.

The Preview, Which Said “The Marvel Cinematic Universe Just Got Even More Cosmic”:

One of the shots from different Avengers flicks was from the beginning of Infinity War, when Rocket asked, “Who’s not been in outer space before?” and took a few of the greatest heroes of Earth upon their initial trips into space.

At the end of the sci-fi MCU video, Kamala Khan is shown lying in her bedroom as she first tried out her old bangle in Ms. Marvel. She says “cosmic” in amazement. The peek, which said, “The Marvel Cinematic Universe just got even more cosmic,” may be seen below.

Fantastic Four Is Going To Have A Lot More Spacey Things To Offer:

When it comes to Khan, there are rumors that Ms. Marvel will return for a second season on Disney+ in the future. This hasn’t been proven, though, so it’s likely that the second season won’t come out for a while, especially since the strikes are still going on.

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The Fantastic Four are also going to have a lot more cosmic stuff, since the team’s powers were given to them by cosmic rays while they were on an experiment in space. But that part of their tale probably won’t be included in the 2026 movie, since it won’t be a different origin story.

Nova, a big name in the Marvel universe, will make his MCU appearance within his own project, yet it’s still not clear what the stage of development is or if it will be a movie, a series, or a Disney+ special.