Marvel presents the trailer for its Alien comic


Marvel Comics brings us today a trailer of Alien, the new series of graphic novels based on the film saga. It allows us to see material from the first comic. It is quite curious to see that the series, totally based on horror and science fiction films, are from Marvel and therefore from Disney today. You can see it below.

In this series of comics, we will live the adventures of Gabriel Cruz, who laboriously survived an attack by aliens a few years ago, when he worked for the Weyland-Yutani company. Now he is retired, but he works to recover his life helped by a Bishop model android. Of course, it is not worth relaxing: there will be Xenomorphs soon again in their existence, which ensures a high dose of tension, which is perfectly reflected in the trailer, especially filmic, and that will cause more than one curiosity to imagine a movie animation about the saga with this aesthetic. The managers are Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larroca.

In the words of the first: “As a reader and fan I am as excited as anyone since I learned that the franchise joined Marvel, and when they asked me to write the first one, I was amazed. I have been preparing for this great moment my whole life without knowing it. From the moment I saw the first film in the Ridley Scott saga as a youngster, I have been obsessed with the Xenomorph, the most iconic representation of horror in a movie. “

Larroca added that drawing for this project has been a dream come true, and he has been grateful for the possibility of participating in the saga, which has continued since he was young.

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