Marvel Suspends Blade Production Amid Search for New Director


Marvel temporarily suspends production of Bladehis reboot of the popular vampire hunter saga that was originally going to be released in 2023.

THR reports that the decision follows director Bassam Tariq’s departure from the project two weeks ago. Marvel will take advantage of the break to find a replacement while continuing to develop the project.

First announced in 2019, Blade brought Tariq on board in 2021, who praised Marvel for delivering “big hits.” Since then there have been rumors of multiple rewrites and other issues, with Tariq subsequently leaving the project last month due to scheduling conflicts.

Marvel Studios taking time to further develop the project as it searches for a replacement for Bassam Tariq.

The project was scheduled to begin filming in November, but is now likely to start in 2023, which will probably push its premiere to 2024 at the same time. It is currently planned to be part of Phase 5 of the UCM.

Come what may, it is said that Marvel is happy to take their time with the search for a replacement, with a source reportedly telling THR that the studio wants to “do it really well.”

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