Marvel: the return of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage is not ruled out

There are many who have spent years wondering what will happen to some characters of the so-called “AvengersVerse”, more or less the universe generated around the Avengers of Marvel, with a few television series that reached Netflix over the years, but that came to an end because now Marvel is owned by Disney and we will only see their series on the Disney + platform.

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We know that for the moment there is an intention to recover Daredevil (they are negotiating to recover the rights), which torments the fans. But what about Jessica Jones and Luke Cage? And this without talking about the series of the Punisher. Well, it seems that Kevin Feige, at the helm of Marvel, does not rule out his return on the Disney platform.

It was in the middle of Deadline that Feige made the following statement:

“Well, you know what we announced at Comic-Con a year and a half ago and was also said at Disney’s Investor Day a few weeks ago, but I’ve been at Marvel long enough to say ‘never say never.’

Now that they have the equipment and the resources, possibly both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage will return, what we do not know is in what way, if with their own show, mixed or what will happen to their series, which were a Netflix exclusive.

Source: Comicbook

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