Marvel’s Avengers: Crystal Dynamics suggests the arrival of MCU skins in the future


When it was announced Marvel’s Avengers, huge expectations were generated among the gaming community. Especially among fans of the MCU. Therefore, when the aspect that the Avengers would have in the game was seen, the alarms went off.

Basically, there were players who were disappointed with the fact that they did not look like the actors that so many good times have given us in the great Marvel movies. However, it seems that, finally, there is still hope for all those users. The point is that Crystal Dynamics has suggested that the title could receive skins from the MCU in the future.

As reported by MP1ST, the news took place during a streaming event (on Twitch) in which Crystal Dynamics was promoting the upcoming Hawkeye DLC. And it all happened when viewers asked about the possibility of those skins coming in the future.

Crystal Dynamics’ response confirms nothing, but it does leave the door wide open for that to happen. Basically, they have confirmed that it is “very possible” to add those skins later. In addition, they comment that although they have nothing to announce right now, fans should “be attentive” to new details.

On the other hand, in the direct the study has reaffirmed itself in the fact that its intention is to support Marvel’s Avengers for many years. Everyone knows that the current situation of the game was not what Square Enix expected, and it remains to be seen if the changes (and additions) that are being applied will serve to take flight.

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Remember that the Hawkeye DLC will arrive in Marvel’s Avengers this coming Thursday, March 18, 2021. And it will be available on all platforms the game is currently on: PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. That same day, by the way, the improved versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S will also be released.