Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Spectacular New Hawkeye Costumes


The next March 18, 2021 will reach Marvel’s Avengers the Hawkeye DLC. But … what will the character really look like when we can control him? Today some of the costumes that we can use for Clint Barton have been unveiled. And while more is expected, fans of the MCU and Marvel comics will be delighted with those released today.

In fact, the first is his Ronin suit, a suit he wore to hide his identity and one that would eventually make it to the MCU. The second is your Ultimates suit, with his typical purple and black look and those red and silver glasses. Keep reading and we will tell you more.

As you can see, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have presented the suits through different messages on the official account of the game. and Twitter. And within these, we find a completely original design (we have not seen it in comics or movies) called Iron Eye Outfit.

In other words, it is a futuristic style suit. In this one, Clint’s mask features bright purple optical sights, while the armor itself is quite slick. You can see it below.

On the other hand, its creators have also made a small description of each of the suits. From Ronin they comment that “Clint first assumed the Ronin disguise in New Avengers # 27 (2007) when the sword-wielding assassin wanted to break away from his previous identity.”.

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Of the Ultimate suit, they comment that “It is inspired by one of Clint’s appearances in Ultimate Universe, where he was a key figure in the founding of SHIELD and often associated with Natasha Romanoff as an elite black ops agent.”.

Finally, of the futuristic suit Iron Eye Outfit they comment that “It’s an original design for Marvel’s Avengers that Clint can use to unleash arrows in a futuristic style.”.