Mass Effect Andromeda: Ten New Alien Species Removed


Mass Effect: Andromeda could have more than 10 new alien species, but They were removed due to budget, scope … and cosplay.

One of the biggest criticisms towards Mass Effect Andromeda was the lack of new alien species, especially since the Mass Effect trilogy introduced us to the Krogan, Asari, Drell, Batarians, Salarians, Turians, Quarians, Protheans, Hanas, Elcor, Keepers, Volus, Collectors, Geth Reapers, Vorcha, and more.

This was apparently not the original plan, and many of Andromeda’s developers recently said on TheGamer why the new species didn’t make it to the title at the end.

“I think it was a project that couldn’t come to an end because of expectations,” said Neil Pollner, the lead writer on Mass Effect 3 and who wrote part of Andromeda. “Not only because of what the original trilogy had already contributed, but because of the expectations that everyone would have had of the game in a new galaxy. Because the scope of the first game was massive, and therefore it was implicit that we would have a huge new experience for it. which was supposed to be the first of another saga, the first Andromeda, with a new species, a new history and a new galaxy. “

“But we had a budget for only two new species in addition to the Remnant. Not to mention that we couldn’t include all the species in the Milky Way. This means that we had to develop a story with some limitations. So we didn’t just have to do something. smaller than expected, but there would have been something to the game that I would have loved … but it wasn’t. “

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Finally, he added that since almost all the alien beings from the original trilogy (except Hanar) have been cosplayed, the intention in Mass Effect Andromeda was to introduce new races that fit into the world of these cosplay, so the idea of ​​some stranger species was abandoned. “

We remind you that there are visual differences between the original trilogy and the version that reaches the new consoles. We leave you here some comparative screenshots: