Mass Effect: fans crean un demake estilo point & click


We love retro, it’s a fact. And even more so if we adapt current games to the style that has made us known to greats in the history of video games such as Guybrush Threepwood (from Monkey Island). Some fans are working on a demake of Mass Effect that will surprise locals and strangers: this is an animated parody that actually ended up turning into a LucasArts-style point-and-click adventure. Now, they are already working on a complete game in this style adapting the first installment, as echoed in GameRant.

This is something that will make us enjoy the style of the late 80s and early 90s. Pure pixel Art showing a female version of Commander Shepard and Tali at the Citadel Human Embassy. And the truth is that the aspect is, to say the least, succulent. There was no waiting for a vision that it is a remake of classics like Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis and The Secret of Monkey Island. Only the interface, inspired by Mass Effect, varies.

As for Mass Effect, if we talk about the next installment, we know that several members of the teams that worked on the original Mass Effect trilogy have returned to BioWare and are working on the new installment of the series, officially announced last night in The Game. Awards 2020, where yes, we only saw a small trailer. But first, we have the Legendary Edition, which includes many improvements over the original.

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