Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Improvements seen in Shepard


While the presentation trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition We have already seen several characters from the original BioWare trilogy, EA has offered a closer look at the male and female characters since it was originally released.

Take a look at the gallery below for the original Commander Shepard and Legendary Edition versions.

Along with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date (in May), BioWare and EA have further confirmed that we will be able to choose between female and male characters in all three games. Of course, players can choose how to customize their Shepard, and EA has confirmed that the character creator will work in all three games and include an expanded and improved experience of hair styles, makeup and skin tones. “

As for the next installment, we know that several members of the teams that worked on the original Mass Effect trilogy have returned to BioWare and are working on the new installment of the series, officially announced last night at The Game Awards 2020, where yes We only saw a small trailer.

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