Mass Effect Legendary Edition solves its controversial ending, thanks to a mod


The original ending of the trilogy generated more hype than the War of First Contact. Yes, the news contains SPOILERS.

All of you who once played Mass Effect original trilogy you will probably remember the controversy experienced with the end of Mass Effect 3, the lack of importance in decisions in the epic denouement of history they managed to twist the gesture of the players who had lived a space epic where the story had developed based on their choices.

The original ending of Mass Effect generated a great rejection among fansBefore almost completely gutting the ending, let’s say, what should be a decisive decision, it was solved in a simplistic and unsatisfactory way, where the player felt that their journey through the three adventures did not determine the final choice. Unfortunately, this situation angered the players so much that some even threatened the developers with death and they were forced to work against the clock to expand the outcome with an epilogue that would give players a clearer closure and better contextualized.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Although the epilogue made things better, it wasn’t enough to satisfy many fans who, as in this case, came to develop a mod that would definitively solve all the problems that they considered that the end of the trilogy still had. If you’re still here and you’re not done Mass Effect 3, it’s time to run because SPOILERS arrive.

It is an adaptation of the old Happy Ending modThis new mod, echoed by PC Gamer, is actually an adaptation for Mass Effect Legendary Edition of the old “happy ending” mod that already existed in Mass Effect 3. The mod remove the Catalyst, keep the Citadel next to the ground relays, in addition to maintaining Shepard alive and his romance, if you have it. The creator has also shared that he is working to include the mod of the epilogue of the Citadel in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, putting the finishing touch to a farewell that has ensured that will be ready by the end of the year. The success of the remastering of the Mass Effect trilogy has been celebrated by Gary McKay, general manager of BioWare, who has ensured that from the study they are focused on winning the trust of the fans again.

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