Massive bans on Twitch due to the new law that allows direct lawsuits against streamers for copyright


The DMCA causes companies to sue creators directly, with fines in the thousands of dollars.

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Massive bans on Twitch due to the new law that allows direct lawsuits against streamers for copyright

If there is no doubt about something, it is that Twitch It has become one of the protagonists not only in the world of video games, but also in the digital entertainment of people at an international level. The Amazon platform has increased its views by 45% in the last year, with the live broadcast of video games as the main axis of its success, although much more is done.

Due to its success and the unstoppable growth that it treasures, from the purple platform they have had to get down to work to securely tie the solutions to the legal conflicts presented to them. Beyond the type of content that is broadcast, the price of subscriptions or what is considered or not appropriate, we have the copyright, or copyright, as the main axis of the most recent problems.

Every week there are more expulsions for rights claimsAnd it is that, during the last weeks, the Law of Copyright of the Digital Age (or DMCA for its acronym in English) is making headlines for being causing crowd of bans on Twitch, that is, temporary or permanent expulsions to content creators for considering that they are reproducing something that cannot be reproduced. It has been directly affecting the platform for some time, but proper names such as streamer Pokimane, with more than eight and a half million followers, have suffered the consequences recently.

The main reason for these expulsions, detailed in the official policies of the platform, is the fact that broadcast series, animes or copyrighted content at a general level to which they react at the same time as the people who are watching the live show, although playing music with rights is also one of the most common causes. Obviously, it is an illegal practice, but the novelty is that for some time it was not punished and now a tight control is beginning to be observed.

Some creators (mostly American) are getting fines of thousands of dollars because it is legislation in which Twitch is erased from the road. Before, it had to mediate to solve the conflict, but now companies can directly claim content from streamers by suing them without Amazon having to act as an intermediary for more matters than notifying the affected parties.

Responsibility rests with the rights holder and the account holderTwitch“Twitch is not empowered nor trained to issue legal opinions in relation to allegations of copyright infringement, “they comment on their website.” Our policy is to abide by the laws and judicial decisions relating to the use of our services and the conduct of our account holders. […] The responsibility to resolve the dispute rests in the rights holder and in the account holder“.

Massive bans on Twitch due to the new law that allows direct lawsuits against streamers for copyright

This is something that has generated controversy among content creators and the community, although the fact of broadcasting copyrighted content live is something that cannot be done due to the very existence of copyright. However, ignorance is leading to mass expulsions and economic sanctions that make reporting this matter essential, although there are always cases where it is not clear whether a copyright claim is correct or not, so some creators demand greater rights when it comes to defend yourself against multinational companies, considering that they have the upper hand to lose in any conflict in which it is not clear that an offense is being committed.

It is not the first battle between the platform and the creators, with copyright being the protagonist in Spain and having other serious problems in recent months, such as discussions regarding the modification of the price of subscriptions or massive hacks that led to theft in payments .

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