Mauro Icardi published a photo with an oxygen mask and raised concern: why he will not play the next PSG game

Mauro Icardi uploaded a photo with an oxygen mask
Mauro Icardi uploaded a photo with an oxygen mask

Mauro Icardi is one of those footballers who often use their social networks to show different aspects of their life. The forward of the PSG He not only publishes photos of his sports career on his Instagram account, but also takes advantage of that space to share images of his privacy. In the last hours, one of those captures generated deep concern among his fans, although the mystery about his state of health was soon solved.

This friday, the rosarino published a photo in which he can be seen lying down, with obvious discomfort on his face and wearing an oxygen mask. A few minutes later, and before the insistent inquiries of his followers about whether he was really well, he shed light on what happened and explained that the image was taken inside a hyperbaric chamber that you have in the home that you share with your wife Wanda Nara, his daughters and the sons of her first marriage.

“For everyone who asked me, it is a hyperbaric chamber that I have at home and it is used to prevent injuries and help to recover faster from matches, training sessions, etc., in which pure oxygen is breathed at a pressure three times higher than atmospheric pressure ”, wrote Icardi.

Icardi will not play the next PSG game (REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)
Icardi will not play the next PSG game (REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)

Then he explained why not will be present at the next PSG game of Mauricio Pochettino, which will be on Saturday before him Dijon as a visitor by date number 27 of the League 1. “Tomorrow I will not be at the game because of a simple family gastroenteritis”, he clarified, revealing the reason for his gesture of annoyance in the first image.

Icardi’s photo reminded the one that his partner uploaded some time ago Neymar in a similar situation. In August 2020, after an exhausting string of matches, the Brazilian had shared a capture from inside this device and also with the respirator on. “Take care of yourself”, was the message that accompanied the image that in the first instance generated a stir because it was not known what had happened to the player. Later it became known that it was only a routine physical recovery treatment.

The image that Neymar shared long ago
The image that Neymar shared long ago

For several years now, many elite footballers have chosen to use hyperbaric chambers (and even buy them to have them in their homes) in order to make recoveries faster and improve their physical form. This device oxygenates the blood, reduces fatigue and accelerates muscle recovery.


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