McCarthy Shows Members Of Congress The Sound Of Freedom


McCarthy Shows Members Of Congress The Sound Of Freedom:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters that he will show the movie “Sound of Freedom” to Congress members upon Tuesday evening.

McCarthy started an unplanned news meeting by saying, “I’m having another movie night tonight. We’re going to show ‘The Sound of Freedom.'” He also said that the movie’s star, Jim Caviezel, as well as the man on whom the movie is based, Tim Ballard, would be there.

Sound Of Freedom Made $125 Million In Theaters Since It Came Out:

“Sound of Freedom,” a film regarding a US government agent who quit his position to go after people who trafficked children for sexual purposes, has become a summer hit, making around $125 million within theaters since it came out. But to sell more tickets, it’s using a strange method.

This weekend, Barbie and Oppenheimer were the most popular movies at the box office. Both of these movies did well because people who planned to see them that day bought tickets to see them.

But “Sound of Freedom” film producer Angel Studios, which produces faith-based movies like “The Chosen,” a series regarding Jesus, says it has a plan that lets people purchase tickets for outsiders to claim as well as use to watch movies for free at theaters.

“I hope that Democrats as well as Republicans can get together, watch a movie regarding human trafficking, and discover methods to put an end to the human trafficking that’s happening all over the world,” the speaker said.

It’s not clear right away how many politicians are going to be there, but Republicans love the dramatic story. People on the left who don’t like the movie say it spreads Qanon conspiracy ideas.

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Indiana Jones Made $85 Million Within Box Office:

The movie “Sound of Freedom,” which came out on July 4, has continued to grow in fame, compared to “Insidious” as well as the latest “Indiana Jones” movie. As of this writing, it has made about $85 million during the box office on a budget of $14.6 million.

Even though there have been a few reports of theaters being annoying in a passive-aggressive way, a growing number of theaters are showing the movie and adding more showings.

McCarthy made the announcement after hearing that former President Donald Trump watched it last week at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. After that, he said that he would put people smugglers to death if he was re-elected.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., is a strong supporter of both McCarthy and Trump. On Tuesday night, she wrote on Twitter that she had seen the movie. Greene’s office told Fox News Digital that she will be at the showing for Congress.

America is No.1 Within The World It Comes To Consuming Child Pornography:

“America was number one within the world when it comes to consuming child pornography as well as child sex trafficking, as well as the Biden Administration lost over 85,000 migrant kids,” said Greene.

In Sound of Freedom, the story is supposed to be about how Ballard went in opposition to his superiors at the Department of Homeland Security and sent a team to Colombia to save a girl who had been taken by unknown “rebels” and forced into sex slavery.

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The Movie Is Receiving Good Review From Audiences:

The movie has received pretty good reviews, with a 75% score on Rotten Tomatoes as well as a 100% score from audiences. It even beat out the current Indiana Jones movie, which had already been out for a few days, despite having a small budget.

Still, I won’t be going because of a few things. Initially because my month has become full of things about Indy I mean, his dog is the name of my dog. I sort of have to. I have to see important movies like Oppenheimer and Barbie.

And second, because the “true story” behind this movie makes me sick, and I don’t want to give my hard-earned money to bad people, regardless of how good this film is.

Via The Payit App Over  10 Million Tickets Were Bought:

Through the Pay It Forward app, over ten million tickets were bought. When “Sound of Freedom” opened on July 4, it made $11.5 million from straight box office sales as well as $2.6 million, or more than 20%, from Pay It Forward sales of tickets.

People who go to the movies have shared on social media about “Sound of Freedom” showings that are sold out online but empty in theaters. They claim that this is done to boost the movie’s box office returns.

Loria said that there was no way to know for sure if this was happening a lot. Adam Aron, the CEO of AMC Theaters, has disputed reports that people aren’t actually going to see “Sound of Freedom.”

More Than 1 Million People Came To See Movie At AMC Theaters:

“More than a million people have seen Sound of Freedom at AMC Theaters,” which is more than at any other theater business in the world. Still, people say wrong things. It’s so strange,” he said on July 12 on Twitter.

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Angel Studios’ method makes a code for each individual ticket that lets someone else get a free ticket straight from the theater. Everyone who redeems a code promises to use the ticket.

“This system has been checked, and there are no indications of abuse,” a spokesman said. Angel Studios doesn’t say how many of its ticket sales are due to people getting passes from other people.

Jeff Bock, a box office expert at Exhibitor Relations, said that it would be good to know more about the deals Angel Studios established with theaters so that the real box office numbers could be more accurately estimated.

Without it, it’s hard to tell if the number of people who bought tickets matches the number of people who went or if some places are empty.