McDonald’s has leaked the first look at Princess Peach in Super Mario: The Movie


McDonald’s just leaked Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros: The Movie.

A new McDonald’s ad It has allowed us to see Princess Peach for the first time from the upcoming video game adaptation, Super Mario Bros: The Movie.

“They made Peach look like a Disney princess,” the Twitter user said. Elliot Duby, who took a screenshot of the ad before it was pulled from the network. “It doesn’t look bad at all.”

Princess Peach will be played by Anya Taylor-Joy in the upcoming movie and she was noticeably absent during the first official trailer for Super Mario: The Movie that dropped yesterday. Despite this, it seems that Peach was included in a bunch of McDonald’s ads that have already been removed from social media.

Although the screenshots aren’t great quality, it looks like Princess Peach is doing pretty well compared to her in-game counterpart: a faithful adaptation which is quite close to video games.

Chris Pratt’s voice of Mario has already been criticized for being essentially his own voice… But does that mean that Anya Taylor-Joy will also use her own voice? Not necessarily. For one thing, we’ve also seen Jack Black’s Bowser sound noticeably different than Jack Black’s usual voice, something we got to hear more about at New York Comic-Con, where Jack Black showed off more of his performance. Toad (Keegan-Michael Key) doesn’t look much like the actor who plays him, either.

Meanwhile, the French dubbed version of the new trailer for Super Mario Bros: The Movie has been received with great enthusiasm by fans. Why? Because Mario is much more like the incarnation of him in video games, which is traditionally voiced by Charles Martinet.

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